Life Lately

Well… I had meant to get this post up on Monday but then, you know, life happened and plans changed. My poor Brynlee caught a virus that has completely wiped her out and it breaks my heart seeing her so miserable. I’m not going to lie though, I do love all the cuddles, I wish they were under better circumstances, but I will take all the cuddles I can get. So that is pretty much what we’ve been doing since Monday.


Last week we made another trip to the library and Brynlee really came out of her shell! Last time she stuck right close to me and was extremely well behaved the whole time we were there. This time… she walked in like she owned the place, had no qualms about dancing all over the place during story time and was quite happy to take off down rows of books leaving me in the dust. It was at the point that she decided she would help herself to another little boy’s tricycle that I decided it was time to make our exit.


We did end up checking out this book and have had a lot of fun reading it! It is great for the littles to learn their words! Brynlee still isn’t saying a whole lot, but she loves finding and pointing out things like when I ask her where the puppy is in a book.


I just had to throw this picture in, I die at the cuteness of Brynlee’s top knot and I’m so excited to have finally found a way to put a bow in Brynlee’s hair without her immediately ripping it out!

Friday evening my MIL came to spend the night so we could get up bright and early to go to Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market. My SIL and nieces also came over that night for dinner and the 2 older girls had a blast playing together. It’s nice because there is a little over a 2 year age gap between Brynlee and my niece and Brynlee is finally getting to an age where she will play back with Brooke. They had so much fun chasing our poor dog Lola around, they laughed and laughed and I was so glad to see them finally bonding.


Then on Saturday we all made our way to Scottsdale for Junk in the Trunk. It was the first time for all of us and we really didn’t know what to expect. Well, let me just say, every idea I might have had was blown right out of the water! It was such a perfect mix of antiques and handmade items and it was huge!!! There were so many booths to see that we didn’t know where to start. I wish I would have taken a picture, but my mind was too busy being blown by all of the amazing wares that I couldn’t even think to whip out my camera. I ended up coming home with a few things, this amazing jewelry holder! I’ve been looking everywhere for a better option for my jewelry that just stashed on a shelf in my linen closet, but I’ve had a hard time finding something that will work.


I love that is it completely customizable using “S” hooks, or they also sold these adorable hooks made from spoons. I got it at this shop if any of you are in the market for one. My SIL also got a beautiful crystal chandelier from there for her daughters nursery.


I also hit up a few antique booths and found this amazing kitchen scale for only $12!


I love vintage scales and was so excited to find this one. I also picked up this antique sifter and cheese grater to go along side my scale so it wouldn’t look so out of place. I’m just starting my antique collection, my MIL is a pro so it was great to have her along to help me know if I was getting a good deal or not.

All in all we had an amazing day at Junk in the Trunk, the next one is in September and if you are a local I would highly recommend going, it was so much fun!

After Junk in the Trunk we stopped at Postino’s for lunch (their chicken and mozarella sandwich is to die for!) and then over to my SIL to let the girls swim. Brynlee has no fear when it comes to water. I have her wear one of these floaty vests and she just wants to jump right off the ledges in the pool or float around by herself, no help from mama at all! She is one independent girl!


This silly goose thought she was hilarious putting these goggles on.


And she loved sitting in this little doll buggy of her cousins… Don’t mind her crazy after pool hair!

Sunday was our day of rest and relaxation from the already busy weekend we’d had so we mostly stayed home and played with Brynlee. First thing Monday morning, Brynlee and I headed out for a bike ride. We finally got our bike trailer set up and Brynlee loves going for rides! She laughs and squeals the whole time!! I love that I can finally get a workout in without having to wake up at 4 am.


When we got home, I gave Brynlee her milk and started making breakfast and that is when the vomiting started. And it continued all morning, I felt so bad for her. This is the first time that she has been sick like this and it was just heart wrenching holding her while she was throwing up and crying. I took her to the doctor and he confirmed that she had the virus that is going around and was able to prescribe something for the nausea, it worked wonders! I picked it up right away, gave it to her when we got home and she was finally able to keep some water down and take a nap. She’s been doing much better since, but is still not feeling well and I’m just trying to do whatever I can to make her feel even the least bit better. In which case means being readily available for tons of cuddles (again, no complaints there), watching a lot of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and dealing with the fact that there are cracker crumbs all over my couch and floor and I mean ALL over! But never mind that, my baby needs a cuddle!


Hope you all had a great weekend and your weeks are off to better starts than mine! Thanks for reading, happy hump day!


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