Can’t Live Without It- Spiralizer

It’s Can’t Live without It with Stephanie, Laura and Cait again!!

Have you jumped on the spiralizing band wagon yet? I did just recently and I love it!! Landon and I are really trying to put a focus on eating healthier and adding more veggies to our diets, problem is that after a certain amount of time you really start to get bored with steamed, roasted or raw veggies… Enter the spiralizer! It allows you to make noodles with your veggies which is a great way to get your kids to eat their veggies too! Brynlee used to love eating all different kinds of veggies, now she’s on a strike, but if I make some zucchini noodles with some pasta sauce (we really like this one, I get it at Sprouts), then she will devour them! So far I’ve made this recipe from zucchini and this one from sweet potatoes and they were both delish! And I have a few more recipes using my spiralizer coming up on my meal plan in the next couple of weeks.


I purchased this spiralizer from Bed Bath and Beyond, just on a whim one day when I was there, I had a coupon and a gift card, plus one of the people that worked there recommended it. It works well for zucchini, but not as good on the sweet potatoes, there was a lot of the sweet potato left that I ended up having to slice up by hand, which took forever, because it wouldn’t fit through the spiralizer. I’ve heard this one works really well, so I will probably upgrade sometime soon, especially now that I know how much we love eating zoodles and other spiralized veggies!

What are some of your kitchen can’t live without it’s?


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