Life Lately

   .Whew! You did not want to be in our house this past week! A stomach bug swept through and hit us hard! It started with Brynlee, she got it the worst and it was so sad. Then it got me and finally, this weekend, it got Landon. Words cannot express how thankful I am that we seem to all be over it and I’m praying that we don’t get it again any time soon! Needless to say, our week wasn’t exactly riveting, but in case you want to hear about it anyway, here you go!

Aside from a quick doctor visit for Brynlee, a diaper run (we literally got down to 2 diapers in the whole house!) and quite possibly our fastest trip to the grocery store ever, we were confined to the house for 7 whole days. I think we were all getting a little cabin fever!


Obviously, our Mother’s Day plans didn’t exactly happen the way we expected, but I still got yummy blueberry waffles in the morning, along with a delicious mimosa (okay, maybe more than one, after last week, I needed it!) and I got to spend the day with the ones I love most and my beautiful baby girl who made me a mama and that all sounds pretty perfect to me!


We did have one little mishap Mother’s Day morning, we were in our backyard (mimosa in hand) watching Brynlee play and she tripped and scraped her knee, poor baby. This isn’t the first time she’s scraped her knee, but by her reaction, you would have thought she broke her leg! A 3 hour screaming/crying session ensued and there was nothing we could do to calm her down.


Every time she would start to settle, she would look down at her knee and get all worked up again. Since then, she still gets a little freaked out when she sees it and will tugged at her knee like she is trying the get the scrape off, so for the most past, I’ve been trying to keep it covered up.


Here’s hoping to a better week this week! I hope you all had great weekends and a wonderful Mother’s Day!


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