Life Lately

*I really have to apologize for the picture quality, these were all taken with phones. As you can imagine, I was a little too nervous to take my DLSR to the lake, especially since so much rain was in the forecast.*

We spent this past weekend camping at the lake, we got rained on pretty hard Friday night and it was still fairly chilly Saturday morning, but by Saturday afternoon the sun was shining and by Sunday the weather was perfect!


I still thought it was too chilly to do any wakeboarding, but Brynlee had a blast playing in the shallow water by the shore.


Brynlee actually loved wearing her life jacket, which I was so thankful for! I was a little worried in the days leading up to the trip that it would be a constant battle of wills to get her to put it on.


She also loved riding in the boat! She HAD to ride in the front and squealed and laughed whenever we went fast or over waves. If she was on shore and she saw someone else get in the boat she would throw a huge fit because she wanted to go on a boat ride so bad! It actually got a little ridiculous.


Since we didn’t exactly have the most perfect weather while we there, we made sure we had plenty of onshore activities for the kiddos to do to. Painting birdhouses was definitely a favorite…


And so was hanging out in this kayak…

I tried to take Brynlee for a ride in the kayak, but apparently I wasn’t going fast enough… All she wanted was to ride on the big boat.


By the end of each day Brynlee was beat! She slept so well while we were there, which is a very welcomed change! Normally when we travel she barely sleeps at all, which makes for a very tired mama during our trips. I’m hoping that this isn’t a onetime thing since we are off once again this weekend to visit family in Utah. Eight hours in a car with Brynlee… wish me luck!


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