Can’t Live Without It- Road Trip Edition

Since we are leaving bright and early Friday morning to drive to visit family in Utah, I thought I would share a can’t live without it when traveling with my toddler, our iPad.


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Last summer we road tripped to Montana and long story short, Brynlee stayed awake pretty much the whole 17 hour drive which ended up totally about 36 hours of her staying up. We thought we had the brilliant idea of leaving at night so she would sleep that majority of the trip, but no such luck. As I am sure you can imagine, she was not in the best of moods during that drive.

I’m praying for a better experience this weekend. I’ve packed a bag full of goodies, lots of snacks, coloring books, markers and crayons, tons of stickers and some new small toys for her in hopes that this will keep her entertained, but if all else fails, I’ve got the iPad fully charged (with a backup car adapter charger just in case) and full of her favorite shows and movies. We also have ABC Mouse and a few other games on there for her to play if she gets bored of everything else.

We have this iPad holder for in the car and we use an Otter Box case for any other time, especially when Brynlee is playing games. I’m hopeful that all these preparations will result in a good road trip experience this time around, but let’s face it, she’s an almost 2 year old so who knows!


*Doesn’t this look just say it all?*

Have you road tripped with a toddler, what works best for you? I’m always looking for more ideas to add to my road tripping repertoire.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!!!!

 And of course, today I linked up with Stephanie, Laura and Cait!



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