Life Lately  

Whew! What a busy past couple of weeks! I’ve traveled out of town the last two weekends and while I do love to travel, bringing a toddler along with me makes it all the more exhausting! We had a lot of fun but I am glad to be home!


My Aunt and I have made it a Memorial Day tradition to travel to Panguitch, Utah to visit family and dress the graves. Our family comes from the small towns of Panguitch and Circleville in Southern Utah and while we don’t have any remaining family in Circleville, we still have a lot in Panguitch and it is always fun to spend time with them. We always invite anyone who can to come with us, sometimes the hubby’s make it, sometimes they don’t, this year was a girl’s trip and we had a blast, even with traveling with two toddlers and a baby.


*All loaded and ready to go, you can’t see my nephew in his car seat, but he is in there too!

Watching us get in and out of the car was comical, between the luggage, car seats and entertainment supplies for the little girls we were pretty loaded down. We joked that it took us 10 minutes each time we had to get in or out of the car, but I’m pretty sure that was a fairly accurate statement.


*A particularly sweet moment during our drive. 

We left bright and early Friday morning and a normally 5.5 hour trip took us about 8 hours… I had packed a pretty full bag of fun stuff to keep the girls (Brynlee and my niece) busy and happy for the road trip, but we still had to make plenty of stops to let them get out and run around. We also had to make some fire drill stops on the side of the road to rearrange seating when a mommy needed to be next to a little to help calm them down. All in all it was better than any of us expected when travelling that far with our littles (especially Brynlee, she doesn’t exactly have the best track record in a car), but lots of snacks and lots of stickers definitely saved the day! My poor Aunt will be finding stickers in her car for the next year, I am sure!


*Isn’t that chalk board wall amazing!

Once we finally got to Panguitch and got unloaded, we were treated to a delicious dinner at the restaurant our cousins just bought and renovated, The Original Kenny Rays, named after my uncle who passed away last year. I really love what they have done with the place and the loaded cheese fries were amazing!! If you ever happen to drive through Panguitch I would highly suggest stopping by and getting some!


*We also had to make a stop at Henrie’s in Panguitch (it’s a must every time we are there), Brynlee ate her first corn dog and loved it!

We didn’t exactly have the best weather while we were there, it rained a lot and us Arizonians were freezing the whole time!!! I’m so glad I brought mine and Brynlee’s big wool pea coats to keep us warm!


We did try to stop by the old Butch Cassidy cabin, he’s my Great Great Great Uncle and who I am named after, we wanted to get some pictures of the girls there, but thanks to the rain there was basically a pond covering the road in, hopefully we will have better luck next time.


*Brynlee should have been in bed, but instead, insisted on pulling this musical thing around.

Most of the weekend was spent visiting with family and letting all the cousins play. I’m so glad Brynlee is getting the chance to know her cousins in Utah, this is her 3rd time there and I’m hoping we will have the chance to go many more times throughout the years so she can continue those relationships. Sometimes it gets hard with our busy lives to always go visit family when they live in another stay, but we try really hard to keep in touch. Family is so important to us and I want Brynlee to know all of hers.


*Since Brynlee insisted on waking up so early each morning, I kept her busy with Mickey on the iPad so I was able to get ready


*This is a rare occurrence that needs to be documented, Brynlee usually refuses to sleep in the car, but I’m so glad she finally did. 

As always, the weekend flew by and before we knew it, it was time to go home. Thanks to some very tired kiddos (Brynlee decided it was a good idea to wake up at 4:00am Utah time, 3:00am AZ time every morning we were there…) the ride home went a little quicker.


*She wanted ALL the stickers!!!

Again, stickers saved the day when emotions ran high, as well as some movies, thank you cousin Karen for bringing those!


*It’s so hard to not get a blurry photo of this little ball o’ energy!

When we got back to my Aunt’s in Sedona, the girls were more than ready to get out! All they wanted to do was run around on the grass, but apparently we brought the rain with us and before we knew it we had to head inside at which point Brynlee decided to steal the dog’s bed and relax for a bit. We ended up spending the night at my Aunt’s Sunday night, I felt too bad about putting Brynlee back in the car seat for the 2+ hour drive home. When we did get home on Monday, Brynlee was so excited to see Landon. I wished I would have filmed her reaction, it was priceless. The entire rest of the day all she wanted to do was cuddle him. It was so cute! She definitely missed her daddy!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I am so thankful we were able to spend it with our loved ones and am so grateful to all those that serve, past and present, who have made special times like these possible. Thank you!


One thought on “Life Lately  

  1. This was so much fun to read and see the photos. I wish I could have been there. Although, looking at the pics, I don’t see where I would have fit! Love you 🙂


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