Can’t Live Without It- Stickers!!!  

Last week I wrote about how I can’t live without our iPad due to our impending road trip. Now that we’ve been on said road trip, I have one more thing to add to the list. While the iPad and multiple episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einstein’s and various movies did come in handy and definitely provided a plethora of entertainment for Brynlee and my niece, the real game changer was stickers!


There were a few times when things got a little too emotional and a meltdown broke out (if one had a meltdown, it was pretty much inevitable that the other one would too) and since we had either a movie or TV show playing basically the entire drive, that obviously did not provide enough of a distraction to calm them down. Enter- stickers!


Before we left, I hit up the Dollar Store and bought all kinds of things to go into an entertainment bag for the girls. They are both obsessed with Mickey Mouse and the Dollar Store is full of Mickey Mouse items. In addition to coloring books, crayons, Minnie Mouse posters with markers and a few small toys, I also picked up these two books of stickers.


Oh my, did the girls love them! They had stickers everywhere! But it was worth it!! It calmed them right down and entertained them for quite some time! I was actually worried we would run out of stickers before we made it home. Luckily, we had enough and since returning home, I’ve learned that stickers are an invaluable part of mine and Brynlee’s daily life now. If I need 10-15 minutes to get something done- stickers, if she starts throwing a fit for absolutely no reason- stickers, if I just want to pee alone for once- stickers! They are a lifesaver!!!

Do I find them all over my house- yes! Is it worth it- YES!!!!

 I don’t know if it’s because they are Dollar Store stickers or what, but fortunately they don’t have a lot of sticking power. While she usually puts them on herself, if she does put them on a surface, I can go back later and easily peel them off. Let’s just say that after this discovery I will make darn sure that our house never runs out of stickers!

So, if you have a toddler and are in desperate need of a distraction tool, get your booty to the Dollar Store and stock up on stickers! I mean, you just can’t beat hours of entertainment for just a buck!

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Happy Weekend!


6 thoughts on “Can’t Live Without It- Stickers!!!  

  1. Teacher here, grandmother and stickers go with us everywhere. I am amazed how I can entertain, discipline, teach, reward, etc. with these things. From Can’t Live Without It


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