Life Lately  

   After spending the last couple of weekends out of town, this past weekend was considerably more low key. And I really enjoyed it!

Brynlee graced us with the most wonderful gift of sleeping in until 7:45 both Saturday and Sunday morning! It was pure bliss getting that extra sleep, especially since, as of late, she has been deciding to wake up earlier and earlier, sometimes even before Landon gets up to go to work at 5:00am, it’s not my fav…

We really didn’t do anything exciting this weekend and I didn’t even snap any pics. The one thing we did do was paint, we are currently painting our entire downstairs, everything, baseboards and trim, doors, all the walls and eventually the kitchen cabinets and stair railing. I cannot wait until we are done! I am so sick of painting. We are on a time crunch to at least get the rest of the walls, trim and doors done before Brynlee’s birthday party later this month.


I also spent some time with Landon’s Aunt this week and she help me make our new drapes. She owns a drapery shop and is an absolute whiz! We got them done in about an hour and forty five minutes and I couldn’t believe it! I had figured they would take hours and hours to do! They are beautiful and I cannot wait to hang them!

I also checked a few birthday party planning things off my to-do list by ordering a bunch of the decorations and supplies I need and finally making Brynlee’s birthday dress.


Her party is Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed (of course), but I wanted to go with classic Mickey and Minnie and just do the iconic red, black and white with a little yellow instead of the rainbow of colors that is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.


I found this smocked fabric at Joann’s a few months ago and Brynlee fell in love. She hugged the bolt to her chest right up until we got the fabric cut. I believe it was only $0.59/inch and I was able to use a 50% off coupon I had, I purchased 22 inches, so I was able to make this dress for a little over $6. I was definitely appreciative that she picked such an easy dress to make! I cut it down to 17 inches, sewed one seam down the back, serged it, then made straps from the left over fabric (I just love the little bows at the top), attached them and done! The longest part was turning the straps inside out, but other than that this dress came together in about 20 minutes. I thought about just using ribbon for the straps to make it easier, but eventually decided to just use the same fabric since I had enough left over anyway. Also, I used a 1/4″ seam allowance for reference.


I can’t wait to have her try it on, I just know she will love it and I’m a little worried I won’t be able to get it off of her.

Well, I’m off to continue painting, hopeful to have it done by this weekend so I can hang my gorgeous new drapes!

While I’m sure you were absolutely riveted by today posts, I’m hoping that next week’s will have more pictures, preferably of our re-decorated house and maybe we will even be able to sneak in a few fun things this weekend too! Oh and expect some crafty posts coming up as I start making decorations for Brynlee’s party!

I hope you all are finding time to have some fun this summer!


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