Can’t Live Without It- Iced Coffee


I’m just going to come right out and say it… I love coffee!!! Like really, really LOVE it! For those who know me, this really comes at no surprise, it’s extremely rare to ever see me in the morning (or let’s face it, anytime before 3:00pm) without a coffee in hand. But with the temps soaring here in AZ (ironically it is raining today, but this weekend it’s supposed to get up to 109* UGH!!!), my freshly brewed hot coffee each morning just isn’t as refreshing as it used to be.

Enter, Starbucks Iced Coffee!! I really love the convenience of already having my coffee made in the morning and it makes it so easy to go and get a refill anytime I want throughout the day. Actually, it might make it a little too tempting… And with this French Vanilla Coconut Milk creamer it is absolutely divine!


I just pour the coffee over ice.


Splash in some creamer. Is it just me or does the creamer swirling through the coffee look just heavenly?


Give it a good stir and enjoy!!!

This is seriously my new favorite way to have coffee! While I definitely love a good latte, I usually drink my hot coffee black, I’m not really a huge fan of creamer. But this stuff tastes amazing! And isn’t too sweet for those early morning wake up calls (thank you Brynlee).

Now go out and get yourself some of this amazingness! And have a great (caffeine filled) weekend!

As always, today I’m linking up with Stephanie, Laura and Cait!



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