Life Lately

Happy Wednesday friends! We are half way through the week and I hope that it is treating you well so far!

We’ve been spending most nights and the majority of our weekend working on finishing our downstairs re-do. Brynlee’s birthday party is a week from Saturday, so the pressure is on. In all fairness, it’s good pressure, I’ve been wanting to make these changes for a year now and even bought my new drapery fabric back in February. I have been making slow progress, painting baseboards and door trim, but we are definitely really moving now that we have a deadline. The good news is that we are almost done! And I can’t wait!! I truly love how everything is coming together and I can’t even tell you how much brighter is in our house now that we’ve changed the wall paint and draperies. Needless to say, 5 years ago, when we moved into our house, I made a lot of design decision mistakes, but it’s all good, I’ve learned a lot from them and will know never to do certain things again so it was all worth it right?

We did manage to carve a little time out this weekend to have a pool party at my SIL’s house!


Brynlee loves to swim, she would stay in there all day if I let her. And lucky for her, Aunt Billie Jo had this super fun little boat for her to ride around in so she wouldn’t have to get out, even while she ate a popsicle.


Actually, the only way we were able to get her out without a tantrum was to tempt her with food. I guess 2+ hours of swimming will make a girl hungry!


Aside from their time in the pool, the girls had a lot of fun playing together!


It was so nice to see Brynlee play so well with others! We’ve been going through this anit-sharing phase lately, so I was a little worried with how she would act. Hopefully this is a sign that we are turning the corner on that and can play well with others again!


We also made sure to spend plenty of time contributing to Brynlee’s sticker addiction.


Oh the stickers!!!


If I’m not careful, I can quickly find myself in situations like these… It took me nearly an hour to get all of these stickers off once she went to bed. Because of course, if you try to take them off in front of her a tantrum of epic proportions ensues with hundreds of very whining, high pitched “no’s”! Sometimes, it’s just not worth it, #pickyourbattles #andthenhidethestickers


We also took a trip to the library for story time, but apparently they cancel story time in the summer (WHAT!?!?!?!) because they have a summer reading program instead… I’m all for promoting young reading, but they just took away the only toddler program they had and I was really looking forward to having something fun, that was indoors, to do with Brynlee this summer! I’m not so happy with the library at the moment, we can regain our friendship this fall when they bring back story time.


All was not lost, Brynlee did have a lot of fun playing in the children’s play area and even made a new friend. That new friend’s mama and I got to talking about how disappointed we were about losing story time and she told me about a rec center that is a few miles away that has all sorts of summer programs for toddlers! I was so excited that when I got home I jumped right on to the computer to sign Brynlee up for a few, BUT… they all started the first week of June and were all filled up. How do people just know about all these awesome things! I’m hoping they will have another session starting soon, maybe during fall, some of the classes sounded really awesome! If not, I guess I know to look for the next summer!


And of course, Brynlee got her picture with this guy, so for her, the library was a total success, guess that means it was for me too!


Perhaps the highlight of Brynlee’s week (although, maybe not, she does really like to swim… Wow! Brynlee had an awesome week!), was the chance to have this bounce house all to herself! Brynlee’s loving Nana was so kind as so buy a bounce house to use at Brynlee’s birthday party. She decided it would be beneficial having one for all the grandkids to share and to pass around for birthdays and other events. I am pretty sure Brynlee agrees! She loved it! Thank you Nana!!!

We decided it would be a good idea to take it out and make sure we knew how to set it up and that there was nothing wrong with it before the big day. BTW, set up was super easy and so was the take down.


It took Brynlee a little bit to figure out this little climbing wall so she could go down the slide.


But once we got her pants off, she had no problems!!


She must have climbed up that wall and gone down the slide 50 times! She was having so much fun! I love it because I finally found something that can wear that girl out! I swear, she has so much energy!! My family jokes that she is the energizer bunny. But not on this day, this day she came inside, drank her milk and headed to bed (without peep) EARLY!!! And friends, that never happens!!!

Bounce House-1 Brynlee-0!

 I hope you are all having some summertime fun and enjoy the rest of your week!


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