Brynlee Bee Turns 2!

My sweet baby girl turned two yesterday and now today, as I scrolled through pictures of her for this post, it hit me like a ton of bricks that she’s not a baby anymore. And while I am so proud of the kind hearted, beautiful little girl she is turning into, I can’t help but have tears rolling down my face as I reminisce looking at pictures of her as a new babe. I truly have loved each and every stage we’ve gone through with her and I look forward to experiencing more firsts and watching her learn and grow. But there will always be a part of me that misses holding my baby, smelling that oh so sweet newborn smell as she snuggles into the crook of my neck while I just hold on tight and marvel at the infinite love I possess for her.


So, we spent the whole weekend celebrating our little love!


We were so fortunate to have so many of our family and friends come out to celebrate our girl’s second year. And I had so much fun planning her Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. When Brynlee saw all of the Mickey’s Saturday morning she kept running throughout the house squealing in delight saying “Gickey” (toddler talk for Mickey) and pointing to each and every one.


The red paper fans are from Hobby Lobby, the black from Party City and the red polka dot banner from Amazon. I cut out the Mickey heads from black cardstock and attached them to either side of the fans and the banner.


We served lemonade in the drink dispenser and used mason jars with daisy lids for the adults and red paper cups from the dollar store that I stuck white circle stickers to, the Mickey themed straws are also from the dollar store. They have a ton of Mickey themed items right now!


I tried to theme all of the food around the Mickey Mouse characters. Here I made “Pluto’s popcorn” melted white chocolate drizzled over popcorn and mixed with sprinkles. The cups are from the dollar store and again I attached the white circle stickers also from the dollar store.


My friend Paula came over Friday night to help me decorate and we stayed up way too late making these Mickey Mouse shaped sugar cookies. We had a lot of fun and they were delicious! I found the cookie cutters on Amazon.


I used the other half of the polka dot garland on our stair banister mixed with polka dot balloons from Party City.


These are the Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears I made as party favors, they were fairly easy, I have the tutorial coming soon. I backed the bows with clips and just tapped them to the headbands so the girls could use them after the party too.


I turned our console into the desert table, in addition to “Pluto’s Popcorn”, “Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse” cookies, I also made “Minnie’s Mouska Cupcakes”, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with red dyed buttercream frosting and white pearl sprinkles and I also made and angel food cake with strawberries and frosted with whipped cream for Brynlee’s cake. Her “2” candle is from Sweet Pea Candles on Etsy. This is the second year I ordered from her and I have been thrilled with the candles when they came both times, she is seriously amazing and her candles are the perfect way to top off any cake!


I also have a tutorial coming soon for these Mickey and Minnie wreaths. I love how they turned out and will most likely put them somewhere in Brynlee’s room. She was infatuated by them from the moment she saw them.


I made Brynlee’s dress using fabric from Joann’s. I ordered the necklace from Love Blooms Here. I love how they both turned out and Brynlee just wants to hold her Mickey necklace and carry it with her everywhere.


At first Brynlee wasn’t very excited about her cake.


But once she took a bite, she was in love!!!


And enjoyed every bite! She ate so much cake, but I figured since it was her birthday it was okay! I think she was on a sugar high for the rest of the night! Not only did she not take a nap, but she stayed up until 9 that night.


As you can see, Brynlee had a lot of fun at her party. I had a couple kids picnic benches (made by Brynlee’s great grandpa), line together with paper draped across and all of the kiddos had fun coloring.


Even though the temps reached almost 115* the kids didn’t mind once we got the bounce house going. Luckily we have an east facing backyard so our house shades our whole backyard in the afternoon, we also had misters going so it really didn’t feel that bad.


All of the kids loved going down the slide and of course Brynlee had to go face first most of the time.


Here is a full shot of all of the fabric magnetic letters and numbers I made for Brynlee.


Brynlee’s actual birthday fell on Father’s Day, so we surprised the boys with a few hours at Top Golf while us girls took the the littles to the splash pad.


We also stopped by the Disney store so Brynlee could spend the gift card she received for her birthday and after she already picked out what she wanted and we paid, she saw this Minnie, Daisy and Pluto and decided she would make a break for it out the store with them. It took some serious distraction and redirection skills to get her out of the store without them. It also might have been a little bit funny, but I’ll never let her know that (wink, wink).


It’s still amazing to me that we celebrated this sweet baby’s 2nd birthday this weekend.


It has been such a joy watching our girl learn and grow over the last two years.


From day one, she has always had such a beautiful, sweet spirit, one that I hope we can continue to cultivate so it grows to encompass a love for all things.


She is inquisitive and so supremely fearless that I find myself living in constant fear of what she’ll attempt next, but still trying to hold back so as not to clip her wings. There is nothing more we want as her parents than to watch her fly!


Sharing all her firsts, like this sweet smile, and looking forward to experiencing more with her.


I remember the moment I took this picture, it was the week after we brought her home and I was holding her. I looked down and suddenly realized that while I held this small child, who relied solely on us, her parents, for all her needs, that she wouldn’t be this small for long. And that moment of realization was both terrifying and extremely rewarding all at the same time. I will always miss this sweet face, but I am so honored and excited to witness the beautiful girl and lovely young lady that she is destined to become.


B3 B4


Such sweet smiles for her daddy!




I’m not sure if there is anything that can make my heart smile quite like seeing one of hers.



And so my sweet Brynlee, my baby girl (no matter how old you are you always will be), I must tell you, that the love your daddy and I have for you is so absolute and infinite that you will never know.


This past year has been such a fun one! Seeing the world through your eyes has made it anew. You’ve made us slow down and appreciate the small things, many of which we’ve grown complacent about and taken for granted. You never pass by a flower without pointing out it’s beauty, or insisting we stop to notice the kitty or bird or plane.


You’re first train ride through the zoo brought you so much joy that we couldn’t help but smile and laugh along with you as you squealed in delight and pointed to the animals.


And oh, your love for animals knows no bounds, you want to pet and love them all! Aside from Lola, currently you love kitties and point them out (in life or just pictures) everywhere we go. I’m sure a kitty will be joining our family sometime in the future (once you can clean the litter box;)). And you are always so gentle with them that they are usually more than willing to let you dote on them.


Your pure delight in all things life has to offer is something we could have only hoped for you.


We hope you always see the bright side of life and love with your whole heart.


Because we sure do love you!


And there will always be days that call for four different colored tutu’s and messy hair.


Because all we’ll ever need is this smile (and those pigtails don’t hurt either)!

You amaze us every day and we’ve loved celebrating your second year with you! It’s been amazing the leaps and bounds you’ve made in the last few months. You’re finally communicating with your words and it’s been so fun to learn your special language (Gickey= Mickey, Ninie= Minnie, Poo-oh= Pluto, Gook=Milk, Nana=Banana, Bouo=Balloon), you can count to three and do any puzzle we put in front of you. You love arts and crafts (which I’m so grateful for) and to bake, which is always a mess, but oh so fun! You’ve recently begun to mimic everyone around you, which we secretly think is hilarious, but can’t let on because we also have to be careful of what we do around you (ummm, hello curling iron, scissors or knives, anything on the counter that is now surprisingly accessible to you, when did that happen?). You love your doggy, Lola, and insist on feeding her (her food or yours), you’ll give her your water when we are outside on a hot day and constantly try to love on her whether she appreciates it or not. And the love you show for your family is so heart warming, it reaffirms that you know how much you are loved and have learned how to reciprocate. We love you so much and look forward to what your third year has to offer. Enjoy being little, our love, time passes by all too quick and it is our hope that you will always enjoy each and every day and take all it has to offer. Happy Birthday, my sweet Brynlee Bee, we love you more than words can ever describe.

Love, Mama and Daddy


6 thoughts on “Brynlee Bee Turns 2!

  1. Gina Miller

    Now your Great Auntie Gina has tears streaming down her face. You are so much fun and we had a blast at your party! Love and Hugs.


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