Life Lately- 4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July celebrating our country’s freedom! As we do most 4th of July’s, we headed to our hometown to celebrate with our families. Prescott really goes all out for the 4th and it is always fun to be a part of it. I grew up riding in the parade and attending all the festivities Prescott offers and I am excited to share those things with Brynlee too! We spent the first part of the weekend with Landon’s family then rounded it out with mine.


Friday morning we got up early to get ready for the 4th of July kiddie parade and as you can see it really wore Brynlee out!


The weather was absolutely beautiful and it was so nice to escape the Phoenix heat!


Brynlee even helped with the wagon decorating!


All of the kids had a lot of fun waving at the crowd and seeing the other “floats” in the parade. We saw one goat drawn wagon that Brynlee was really jealous of and we also saw a wagon full of ferrets, which I have to admit was a first for me. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see ferrets at the parade, dogs- yes, even goats- yes, but ferrets- notsomuch… Anyway the kids got a real kick out of it so hey, if it provided entertainment for them then its a win.B5

Midway through the parade, Brynlee decided she wanted to walk instead of ride in the wagon. I’m pretty sure it was because we passed the corner that leads to the end where they hand out ice cream and she thought the wagon was going to slow.


This was Brynlee’s first ice cream sandwich and she wholeheartedly loved it!!!


In fact, shortly after this family picture attempt and the ice cream sandwich and funnel cake were gone a tantrum of epic proportions ensued leading one nice gentleman to stop me and offer some encouraging words that every parent of a toddler knew exactly what I felt like and to keep my chin up. You know it’s gotta be bad if complete strangers are trying to make you feel better. Basically, Brynlee threw herself on the grass, in the middle of the downtown square, amidst all of the craft booths and thousands of people trying to enjoy themselves, kicking and screaming, ripping the grass out, thrashing about until I was finally able to manhandle her into the stroller (did I mention all the boys left by this point to go start smoking the meat for dinner that evening, it was our intention for the girls to be able to spend sometime shopping the craft fair…), and force our way through the crowd making a mad dash for the car! Fortunately, people tend to give you a wide berth when you have a toddler screaming at that magnitude, oh the looks I received on my way out of that place… some were pitty, some were pure, what is wrong with that kid???? And I just tried to keep my eyes down, pleading with Brynlee to calm down so we could exit with at least some dignity left. I’m not sure she will ever get another ice cream sandwich after that little incident.


Things started looking up after a nice long nap for this girl and the rest of the day was all smiles and playing in Nana and Papa’s backyard!


They just got a new swing set/ jungle gym so all the boys were working on getting that set up. When Brynlee found these binoculars that went with it, it was all over!


She went all over the yard looking through those things!


And of course the bounce house had to make an appearance. It was once again a big hit with the kids and money well spent for all the entertainment it will provide!


Nana and Papa also have this little John Deer that Brynlee had fun riding!


So Papa took her on a real ride, but she wasn’t quite sure how she felt about it and wanted to come back to me after just a short time. I’m pretty sure she was already getting tired by this point again. Even with the nap, this was a jam packed day full of lots of fun things and she was worn out by days end.


The next morning was a little lazier, we spent most of it in the playroom, Brynlee took care of Mickey while I drank my coffee.


When it was getting time to leave Brynlee decided she wasn’t ready and wanted to go out to the backyard and play. After her opening the door multiple times, I finally decided to lock it. Well… that’s not going to stop my child, no sir, she is resourceful and pushed her little booty right out the doggy door! To be honest, I’m kind of surprised this was the first time she did that, but I know it wont be the last.B11

After leave Landon’s family, we headed out to mine and arrived just in time for a huge storm to hit! It rained so hard that one of their neighbor’s house flooded! Luckily it didn’t last too long and left perfect weather behind it. Once all was well we headed outside and Brynlee took advantage of the freshly rain filled pool and climbed right it!


Once Brynlee was soaked through and freezing I was finally able to get her back inside to change, but immediately after we had to head out back to see the horses. She had so much fun helping Grandma and Grandpa feed them and remembered some of the things to do from last weekend. I can tell she is going to be a horse girl, much to her Grandma’s delight!

We didn’t make the fireworks this year, we had one tired girl on our hands, but I’m sure next year she will love them!


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