Brynlee’s First Dance Class

I really don’t know why I am continually surprised by the fact that any time I assume anything of my child, she does the exact opposite. I mean truly, if there is one huge lesson that I’ve learned from this whole motherhood thing, it’s that you can’t plan anything and expect it to go that way. My first wake up call was when Brynlee surprised us by coming early and I hadn’t even pack my hospital bag yet (or had a crib, or finished the nursery), rookie mom mistake, now I know for next time!

Anyway, back to the point, one of the only things I was excited about Brynlee turning two for (don’t get me wrong, I love watching Brynlee grow, but I just wouldn’t mind if time would slow down a little, I’m still trying to comprehend that I already have a two year old!) was being able to finally sign that girl up for dance! Brynlee LOVES to dance, she has ever since she could move, anytime music comes on that girl immediately busts a move and when one of her fav songs comes on, you better watch out! So I knew, just knew that she would love it! Right?

Even when I took her in to sign her up for dance and they let her go into the studio, she was all over that place laughing and dancing around. And there I was, naively patting my mama self on the back thinking that this was so her thing and she was going to love her first class! And bonus points, I scheduled it in the morning so I would get a good nap out of her on dance class day.


Well, well ,well, let me tell you how our first day really went. She had a lot of fun getting ready and loved wearing the leotard and tights. And I just loved putting her hair in a cute little top knot with a little black bow.


She was more than ready to get out of the house, Mickey in tow, and head to dance class, we had been talking about it all morning.


When we got there, she was super excited and immediately ran for the studio.


And this was the high point of the morning. Immediately after the teacher arrived and class started, Brynlee started crying. Granted I made yet another rookie mistake and sat by the window so I could watch how much my girl loved her first dance class, but when she saw me it was all over! I immediately hid, hoping that would help, but when I peeked back in, the teacher was holding her and wouldn’t you know, little miss eagle eyes spotted me and that was the end of that. The poor teacher had to bring her out of class not even 5 minutes after it started.

Once I was finally able to get her calmed down and watching the other girls dance, she decided she wanted to go back in. Yeah, that lasted all of about 5 seconds before she was running for the door again. After that we just came home.

I’m really hoping that next week will be better. Wish us luck!


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