The Blissfully Made Shop Re-Launch

Hello there! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I am back, after a very busy week preparing for today and if you read this post, you know I kinda have mixed feelings about this. A lot of nervousness, but maybe even more excitement with quite a bit of fear all rolled up together. Luckily, the excitement has been the overwhelming force driving this little endeavor and so I am absolutely thrilled (and I hope you are too!) to finally tell you about the latest product that is available today in the Blissfully Made Shop on Etsy.

Etsy banner 2

The Background Story:


It all started one morning, two weeks ago, when I was finally tackling the daunting task of cleaning out my accessories shelf. I recently got a new jewelry organizer to hang on my wall in an effort to clean up the jumbled pile of jewelry and other accessories that was currently taking over one shelf in my linen closet. It was to the point that I couldn’t even tell what I had anymore… Anyway, I’m happy to report that task is finally done and I’m living a much more organized life now, at least in that respect.


During my organizing frenzy, I came across a pile of sunglasses, most of which I had forgotten I even owned. After a quick count I realized that I now have 9 pairs of sunglasses (please tell me I’m not alone in this) to find spots for. I tried multiple ways to store them, but it all came back to they just had to sit on that shelf basically taking up all the room that I had just recovered from clearing out my jewelry. This was frustrating to me, my goal was to completely clear out that shelf and now after all that work I was back to square one.


So, after going about my morning with Brynlee, mulling over my dilemma in my head, I finally thought of a solution and when nap time came I headed to my sewing machine. By the end of nap time, I had made my idea and was thrilled with the result. That got me thinking that I might not be the only person in this situation and I proceeded to text all my friends to find out how many pairs of glasses they owned and if they thought my idea was a good one too. Thankfully I have very supportive friends who apparently love sunglasses too!

The Product:


And so, my multiple sunglasses holder was created! Now I have to admit that this one looks a little different than the first one I made. Once I decided I wanted to sell them, I spent the next few days perfecting them, I made so many samples, trying out different things to see what worked best and I am so happy with the final result!


Now, I realize that not everyone owns 9 pairs of sunglasses, but I’m willing to bet that most own at least a few. So I’ve created a few different sizes hoping that you’ll find one that works for you!



Currently, I’m offering 1, 2, 4, and 6 pockets, but if you need a custom size please let me know and I would love to work with you on it.


The grommets make it easy to hang on your wall, freeing up precious surface space.


The ribbon on the back is placed so that you can easily roll up your holder and tie it securely to protect your glasses when traveling or even to minimize used space if you decide not to hang your holder.

I also have two pattern choices available, with the intention to add more soon! I wanted to have one that was more feminine, the metallic gold floral and one that was more versatile, the gray geometric print.


I just love this metallic gold floral, I think it would look beautiful next to a dressing table or near your jewelry holder.


And the gray geometric print would be perfect to hang at your family command center to be used by your whole family. No more search for your sunglasses last minute when you’re trying to get out of the door.


If you hang it on the wall, you can even double stack them to maximize space.

B4 B27

While the two pocket holder would work perfect hanging on a wall, the true inspiration for it came from my Mom and my Aunt. They both have sunglasses and reading glasses and my thought behind the two pocket is that you could tie it closed, keep it in your purse and be able to store both your sunglasses and regular glasses in one spot, while still protecting each of them and not have to be constantly searching for one or the other.



I love the one pocket too! This one is so versatile and can easily be taken with you anywhere you go. I added a grommet to it so you could hang it on your key holder or even attach it to the key fob in your bag so your sunglasses are always easily accessible and never fall to the bottom of your bag.

Speaking of the one pocket, to thank all you lovelies for your support, I’m giving away a one pocket holder in the gray geometric print over on Instagram, so hurry on over and enter!

But in all seriousness, I truly do want to thank everyone who has supported me and encourage me (I definitely needed a lot this past week) while I made my idea a reality and I really hope that this product provides an organizing solution for you in your home!



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