Life Lately


Our weekend got off to a really awesome start when our couch decided to eat my phone. Yep, somehow my phone slid all the way down the side of the the couch cushion, between the bottom of the couch and the armrest and unbelievably fell into this little slot within the armrest that was practically impossible to get to. After pulling out a million little staples to gain access to the underside of the couch we realized that a piece of 1″ thick particle board was blocking access to my phone and while I could just barely see it, there was no way I was reaching it, even with the help of a wire hanger and kitchen tongs! Things were getting desperate by this point folks! Finally Landon realized that if we removed the upholstery on the side of the couch we just might be able to get to it, that is unless there was another piece of particle board who’s sole existence is to prevent me from getting my phone back. Luckily for me/us, after removing a thousand more staples, Landon was able to rescue my phone. It would make me feel a lot better if someone told me that something similar has happened to them. I mean really, what are the odds. Anyway, we got a crash course in upholstery this weekend so I guess it wasn’t a complete loss…




We had a fun time Saturday attending a birthday party and Peter Piper Pizza. That place is like crack for kids, from the moment we walked in Brynlee was running all over the place. I must apologize to those kids that she tried to swipe tickets and/ or tokens from and for all the times she tried to take your turn on a game after you already put your token into it. Needless to say, me and Landon spent the entire two hours chasing her and trying to prevent any meltdowns she might have caused by not having proper arcade etiquette. Apparently we have some teaching to do before we attempt that place again.


And this car, oh, this car. We could not get her away from it! Most of our tokens went to it, she did not want to take turns and if someone else was riding in it, she would try to climb up and hitch a ride with them. Again, I think we need a lesson in manners.


On the plus side, by the time we got home she was completely worn out! On the minus side, by the time we got home she was completely worn out and her terrible twos were really starting to show! The two hours it took for bedtime to get here were probably the longest of all three of our lives and I would say 1 hour and 55 minutes of that was spent by her throwing a tantrum for some unknown reason. But hey, she slept in until 8:00 the next morning and that was wonderful!


Not much to report Sunday other than we finally put the couch back together, ran a few errands, did a few chores and lots of playing but even more visits from the terrible two monster. The joys of toddlerhood, amiright???


Brynlee’s new favorite thing is to put diapers on ALL of her dolls (even the super small ones), she comes running up to me telling me they have a “poo-poo”.


Oh and can we just take a moment to talk about this amazing Mocha Milk from Danzeisen Dairy? 1.- they are local and 2.- this stuff is so delish!! It taste  a lot like the Starbucks Fraps, but isn’t super sweet like them, which makes it pretty much perfect in my book! If you are a local, head to your nearest Whole Foods or Sprout’s and pick some up! You won’t regret it! And yes, there is coffee in it.

Etsy banner 2


So now here we are, starting another week, did you see yesterdays post about the Blissfully Made Shop Re-Launch? And don’t forget to head over to Instagram to enter the giveaway! And of course, today is another day of dance and I’m really hoping that the 3rd time is a charm because so far it hasn’t been so great. Wish us luck!


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