Baking with Brynlee

I meant to share these pictures a while ago, but once I uploaded them to my computer, they were filed away, nearly forgotten about until I recently stumbled upon them again.

I love to bake and I really looked forward to the day that I would be able to bake with Brynlee. I love sharing my hobbies with her and it makes it even more meaningful when she enjoys them too! And she loves baking! You will probably be able to tell by the huge smile and giant size mess that we made, we had so much fun!


One of her favorite parts of baking, was being able to sit on the counter. I really need to get a kitchen stool for her…


Although she also liked to sneak a little taste!


And playing in the flour…


She was surprisingly good at pouring the measurements in the bowl, I thought for sure they would end up half in the bowl and half on the counter making me wonder exactly how good our cookies would taste.


As you can see she was have a blast!


Messy hair, don’t care!


She really loved helping me spoon the batter onto the pan and sneaking a few bites here and there in between.


And finally, the fruits of our labors- chocolate chip cookies! Which she wasn’t really fond of, although she sure liked the batter!


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