Life Lately

I hate to admit it, but I am kind of over summer… It is just so hot here that we are really limited on the activities we can do, most all of which are indoors and I think we are both getting a bit of cabin fever. So yes, I am really looking forward to the cooler temps when we can head outside again for walks and trips to the park to burn off all that excess 2 year old energy!

I do still have a few more weeks (okay, probably more than a few) of these hot temps so in the meantime we’ve been trying to perfect our baking skills.


Last week we made these banana pancake muffins and they we delish!


Brynlee devoured them!!! We will definitely be making them again soon!


We have been trying to get outside either early in the morning or in the evening when it isn’t quite so scorching outside.


As you can see, I try to stick to the shade, while Brynlee has way too much fun at her water table. I can really see a change in her behavior when we are able to make it outside for just a little while during the day. It helps us all stay sane and if we get out in the morning it usually means a nice long nap!


If you follow on Instagram then you know we like having indoor picnics this time of year. And this little girl has decided she has outgrown apple slices and will now only eat apples in their whole form, unless it’s applesauce that is, which might just be her favorite food currently.


My Aunt and cousin came to stay with us Friday night and Saturday morning we got up early to head to the Farmer’s Market and for breakfast at Liberty Martket which is one of my favorite places!


On the short walk between the Farmer’s Market and Liberty Market, Brynlee had to make a stop at this water ball and was completely soaked by the time we were able to pull her away from it.


After a quick stop home to change, we headed back out to do some shopping. As you can see, I have a sunglasses lover on my hands, maybe she was the real inspiration behind the new product in my shop.

On Sunday we had another fun day planned and us girls went over to my sister in law’s house to go swimming. Brynlee had a blast and is getting so good an maneuvering herself around in the pool. I wouldn’t say she is swimming quite yet, but we put her in one of these little floaters and she gets around pretty well. I am always right by her side in case she does need help, but little miss independent prefers to do things on her own and shouts and emphatic “no” if I try to hold on to her.

So here we are, in for another hot week. We have dance once again today, last week wasn’t quite as horrible as it has been the previous two, but we have a long way to go, hoping today will be even better! And then I’ll just be looking forward to this weekend when we try to escape the heat by visiting family in Prescott!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! And check back tomorrow, I’ll have a fun Mickey Mouse inspired tutorial from Brynlee’s 2nd birthday party!


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