Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse Ears!

I DIY’d a ton of things for Brynlee’s party, part of the reason was to save money of course, but the biggest reason is that I just enjoy crafting and when I get to craft with a purpose it makes it even better. Especially when that purpose is celebrating my little girl. Needless to say, I had so much fun making the party decor and favors for Brynlee’s birthday party and today I’m sharing with you how I made the Mickey Mouse ears that we used instead of party hats and sent home with our littlest guests as favors.


First, the supplies. I purchased black felt by the yard and red and white polka dot fabric from Joann’s and I order these black headbands from Amazon.


To make the general shape of my mouse ears, I used a mug that was about 4″ in diameter.


I folded my felt with enough room to trace my mug. Make sure to leave part of the mug off on the side of the fold so that you are tracing almost all, but not the full circle.


I found it was easier to get clean cuts on my felt if I stuck a few pins around it before I started cutting.


Once you’ve cut it out it should look like this unfolded. You want to make sure your two circles are connected about 1.5″-2″, this will make attaching them to the headbands much easier.


Repeat that process until you have your desired amount of mouse ears.


To attach the ears to the headband, slide them on and mark the headband with a sharpie where you like the placement of the ears. I think mine were a little too close together, I wish I would have spread them out a little further, maybe 2.5″ or so.


Using a hot glue gun, apply a line of glue the width of your mouse ears on the underside of the headband and press the mouse ear in place.


Then apply a line of glue around the perimeter of your mouse ear.


And press into place.

You can always trim off little areas if they don’t match up exactly, but I think since I pinned them so they wouldn’t shift during cutting, I didn’t have a problem with the edges matching up.


Now repeat on the other side and keep going until you’re finished! Super easy and super affordable! I made 14 mouse ears for around $10!


Next week I will be sharing how I made the Minnie Mouse bows and attached them to the mouse ears.

Happy Crafting!


2 thoughts on “Meeska Mouska Mickey Mouse Ears!

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