My All Natural Skin Care Routine (and a toner recipe)

As much as I wish it were otherwise, I was not blessed with perfect, smooth, blemish free skin. If you are one of those lucky people that were, I hate you! (Just kidding, I love all my readers for supporting me, but I am a bit, okay a lot, jealous!) And when I was pregnant, OH. MY. GOSH!!!! My skin was horrible!!! What happened to the beautiful pregnant glow that I was supposed to get, because it definitely skipped over me! I was constantly breaking out all over my face and neck and they weren’t the small blemishes, they were huge and bright red and worst of all they hurt!!! And regardless of the endless amounts of face washes and blemish treatments I tried, I could not make it any better. Thank you hormones, I suppose!

After I had Brynlee I thought that my skin would get better again, never in a million years would I have thought I’d wish for my blotchy red, blemish prone skin of pre-pregnancy, but here I was wishing my skin would go back to the way it was before.


Finally, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of torturing my skin with a bunch of cleansers full of ingredients I can’t pronounce, some that would sting when I applied them or just really dry my face out, I took a more natural approach. I didn’t start using all of these products overnight, but here is my current skin care lineup!


The first change I made was my face wash. Have you ever used Dr. Bronner’s soap? It is amazing and has so many uses! I really love the peppermint, it’s so refreshing and gets my face super clean! If peppermint isn’t your thing, they have plenty of other fragrances to choose from. When I started using this I noticed a significant decrease in the amount of blemishes that were popping up within just a couple of weeks!


I like to buy it in the larger bottle (especially when it goes on sale) because I go through this stuff like crazy, I really try to take advantage of all it’s many uses. But I also purchased this smaller bottle to keep in my shower and to take with me when I travel and I just refill it when needed.


The next item I found and made the switch to was apple cider vinegar toner. I’ve always been a toner girl, I can’t wash my face without applying toner afterwards, but even though I always bought the toner for sensitive skin, it would still sting every time I applied it. This stuff doesn’t sting and has really helped reduce (if not completely eliminate) the amount of redness on my face. I even had people comment about how much better my face was looking within a week of making the switch (and they had no idea I had done anything different). I make my own (recipe below) and have made it for several family members who ended up loving it! I know it’s kind of weird initially, to think about putting vinegar on your face and it certainly doesn’t smell that great, but the scent doesn’t stick around long and it is so worth it!


Toner Recipe:

To make the toner you need to get apple cider vinegar with the “mother” in it. I really like this one which can be found at most grocery stores. I bought the bottle I use to make it in at Target in their travel items section and I mix 2 T. of apple cider vinegar with 7 T. of water.

Depending on the sensitivity of your skin you may need to dilute it a little more, or if you prefer make it a little stronger. I would say I have semi-sensitive skin and ratio has work really well for me.

Oh and a bottle of apple cider vinegar is about $4 and will last you a long time!!


I also decided that I needed to dump my previous face cream and look for a more natural solution. I came across an article on the many uses of coconut oil and what do you know, it makes a great moisturizer! So I decided to try it out and love it! I will admit that this isn’t for everyone. You only need a tiny amount, but when you apply it, your skin does feel pretty greasy for a little while. I usually wash my face and apply this at least 30 minutes or so before I got to bed so it has time to soak in and doesn’t get all over my pillow case, or in the morning I will apply it right after the shower then do my hair before my makeup and that is usually enough time for it to soak in as well. Something to note, coconut oil is usually a solid at room temperature, so a bottle like this might not work out so well. It’s so hot here that coconut oil is a liquid most of the year, but in the colder months I use a small, wide mouth container. Make sure you get a good quality, organic coconut oil.


And lastly, spot treatment. While all of these changes have really improved my skin, I do still suffer from the occasional breakout, especially around a certain time of the month, who’s with me? I have tried A LOT of spot treatments and this is far and above my favorite! And while I’m sure Landon found me very attractive while walking around the house with white dots all over my face, all those other treatments really dried out my skin (because isn’t that the point) and usually didn’t make that much of a difference anyway. Enter tea tree oil, I just apply a small drop to my blemish before I go to bed and in the morning I notice a significant change. Now, I’m not going to claim that it immediately takes away my blemishes, although there have been times when I’ve caught it early and woken up to it being completely gone. But it really reduces the time the blemish spends on my face, usually no more than two days. And if it is one of those big, ugly, red ones that hurt, well, it takes away the pain overnight and usually the redness too! I’m telling you, this it a total game changer!


So there you have it, my all natural skin care routine, I do this every morning and every night in the order I listed them. Not only has this really helped my acne prone skin, but I now spend a fraction of what I was before when I was buying all of those chemicals to put on my face.

Like I said before, I didn’t make all of these changes overnight, but found these products and replaced my old ones over the course of about 6 months. The biggest thing I’ve come to realize (and appreciate) about using these products is that the aim isn’t to try to dry my face out to reduce the amount of blemishes. When you dry your face out your body produces more oil to compensate for it (kind of like washing your hair less will make your hair less greasy) and that causes more acne. With this stuff, it gets my face clean, without drying it out and for added moisture, I apply more oil to my face. Now my skin never feels dry, even after a full day of makeup!


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