Minnie Mouse Inspired Fabric Bow Tutorial


Last week I shared how to make Mickey Mouse Ears and today I’m going to show you how to make fabric bows to turn your Mickey Mouse ears into Minnie Mouse ears.


I found this red and white polka fabric at Joann’s. For each bow you will need a 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ rectangle.


With right sides together, fold it in half so your rectangle now measures 3 1/4″x 4 1/2″


Now, sew around the 3 open edges of your rectangle


Making sure to leave a small gap to turn your bow right side out


Clip your corners


And turn it right side out.

I like using the end of a knitting needle to gently push the corners out, but be careful not to poke a whole through it


Now scrunch your bow in the center, you may need to mess with it a little to make sure you like the way it looks


Sew a few stitches back and forth to secure it into place.


Like this



From your fabric, cut a 1″ strip, fold each side in 1/4″ and iron


Right sides together, fold 1″ over and sew it in place to create a loop.


Trim it off and repeat with the remainder of your strip until you have enough loops for the amount of bows you are making.


Thread your bow through the loop, I found using my sewing tweezers made this step a lot easier (and quicker)


And keep going!


To attach it to a clip, just slid the clip through the loop and with a hot glue gun, add some glue to secure it. This will also secure the loop to the bow so I won’t shift. Be careful not to add so much hot glue that it comes out the sides.


And your done!

I used scotch tape to attached these to my mouse ears because I wanted the girls to be able to use the bows later. But you can skip the step of adding the clip and just glue it directly to the headband if you prefer.


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