Life Lately

First, I have to update you on Brynlee’s dance class. After attending for a month now, I can finally report that Brynlee is finally loving her dance class. She still has a little bit of trouble when I first leave the room, but once class starts she has a lot of fun and after class all I here is “dance, dance, dance” for the rest of the day while she’s constantly pulling me around where she wants me to go and we have dance parties almost every single night before bedtime. I can’t tell you what a relief this is! I was really starting to worry that she was never going to give dance a chance and now I am absolutely thrilled to see her having fun and making new friends!

Other than that, we had a fairly uneventful week, this weekend though, we had a lot of fun!!


We woke up bright and early Saturday morning to meet my family at the lake. We wanted to try to get there before it got too busy and I’m so glad we did! By the time we left at 1:30 the lake was packed!! It took us forever to load the boat back on the trailer because so many people were unloading at the ramp. I really don’t like being at the lake when there are that many boats on the water, especially now that we have Brynlee on board.


Brynlee of course loves being on the lake and her favorite spot on the boat is right up front. She always has the biggest smile when she’s up there and laughs and squeals as we go over the waves.


Although she did find another seat this trip that might be a top contender for her favorite. Every time the driver stood up, she would hop right in and pretend to be driving. Of course the motor was off any time she did this.


Another benefit of getting there early is you have the best water to wakeboard on! I haven’t really had the chance to wakeboard much since Brynlee was born so I was ecstatic that I was still able to get up on my first try and I have to say, I’ve really missed it!!!


And here I have to brag on my mom a bit, that’s her the wakeboard! Go Mom!!!


Once the water started getting too choppy for wakeboarding, I switched to ski’s, I honestly can’t remember the last time I skied but I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to start Brynlee on ski’s next summer!


Until then, Brynlee had a blast swimming in the lake.


And of course having fun with her cousin Karen!


Karen is so wonderful with Brynlee! She always loves playing with her and even taught Brynlee to float around on her back. She usually hates when I try to lay her flat in the water, but of course she would do it with Karen.


We ended the day with a delicious lunch at the floating restaurant at Scorpion Bay Marina. That was the first time I had been there and it was a lot of fun!

We had so much fun at the lake, but I definitely paid for it on Sunday! I was super sore in my back, arms and shoulders from wakeboarding and skiing! I am out of shape, my friends, and I really need to do something about it!! Luckily, I was able to turn to my new favorite thing, Young Living EO’s, I had Landon rub some Pan Away diluted in coconut oil all over my back and shoulders and that helped A LOT!!! I am so glad to have these essential oils now and only wish that I would have tried them out sooner!!!


2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. We had a great time! We also had to break out the panaway essential oil! I am amazed at the simplicity of the oils and how well they work! Thanks for the oils and the info!


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