DIY- Micky and Minnie Mouse Inspired Wreaths

When planning Brynlee’s Mickey Mouse themed birthday party I knew I wanted to 1) make most of the decorations myself and 2) make them so that I (or the guests) could reuse them in some way or possible put them in Brynlee’s room since I know she would love anything Mickey in there. The Mickey Mouse Ears I made were in place of party hats for all the kids (and a lot of the adults too) and the Minnie Mouse bows that I added to some of them with tape so that the girls would be able to take them off and wear them once the party was over, met these conditions.



And so I came up with the idea for Mickey and Minnie inspired wreaths! I was a little nervous about whether they would turn out, in my head they looked really cute, but I wasn’t sure how well I would be able to replicate it. I’m happy to report they turned out just as cute in person and I received multiple compliments on them. Plus Brynlee LOVED them when she saw them after I decorated and would frequently point at them excitedly and Kickey and N-ie (which if you don’t speak Brynlee means Mickey and Minnie.


To start you will need 2- 12″ wire wreath forms for the heads and 4- 6″ wire wreath forms for the ears, as well as lots of black tulle. I used about 1 1/2 rolls.


First I cut a ton of 5″ strips from the tulle.


Then I placed my 6″ wreath form ears where I wanted them on the 12″ wreath form head.


Using the tulle, I tied them together to secure them in place. Then I continued tying the tulle around each ring on the wreath forms until it was full. I tried to keep the same amount of strips on each similar section (ex. both the ears had the same number of strips tied to it) so that it didn’t look lopsided in one area. Once I was finished I trimmed any excess tulle that was longer than the rest to make sure they kept their circular shape. For Minnie Mouse, I just attached one of the bows I made in this tutorial.

This wasn’t exactly the quickest project ever, but it was very simple to make and would make any Mickey or Minnie lover out there very happy, so if you know one, give it a try!

Happy Crafting!


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