Our Pool (and Lake) Day Essentials

Since we spent last weekend at the lake and had some pool time fun with my Aunt yesterday, as well as plans with my SIL for a pool day this weekend, I thought I would do a post of our pool time essentials.

Brynlee loves the water, she would stay in the pool all day if we let her and from day one, we never let her near the water without wearing either a puddle jumper or a life jacket, she doesn’t protest when we put them on her and actually gets excited when we pull them out because she knows whats coming next.


Sunscreen: Brynlee inherited her Daddy’s fair skin and will burn really easy if we are not super vigilant about sunscreen. I have tried all different brands and the ones that have worked the best are the Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection and Honest Company Sunscreen. I also reapply ever hour to hour and a half to make sure she is protected. And I love the Honest Sunscreen for my face, it’s not too greasy and rubs in really well.

Rashguard Swim Suit– For extra protection, especially when we will be outside for longer periods of time, I love the long sleeve rashguard sets. I found this one at Target for only $14 and it has been great!!!

Swim Diaper– If we are going to be spending all day at the lake, I will use disposable swim diapers, but if we are just having a pool day and will only be in the water for a little while I always turn to Honest Co. swim diapers. They are soft and not bulky and Brynlee definitely prefers wearing them to the disposable kind. Plus I love all of their cute prints!

Hat– I have so many hats for Brynlee to protect her head from the sun’s rays and she is finally on board with wearing them. I still rub sunscreen all through her hair, just in case she decides to boycott the hat, but I always have at least one in my diaper bag and take them with me whenever we are going to be outside for extended periods of time.

Sunglasses– Oh my, does this girl have a lot of sunglasses and she loves wearing them too. Gotta protect those baby blues!

Hooded Towel (similar)- I love hooded towels for pool or lake days. Because of the hood, it is easier for Brynlee to keep it wrapped around herself, once again, it protects her head from the sun and since this one just happens to be one of her favorite characters, she loves wearing it!

Straw Bag– And of course, something to tote everything around in. I love this straw bag because it is big enough to fit a few towels, a change of clothes and all of our other necessities, plus it stands up on its own so I don’t have to worry about things spilling out. And when I’m not using it at the pool, it works great at home as a basket to corral towels, blankets or even toys in.

I also always bring a cold bag with us wherever we go full of snacks (and sometimes lunch if it’s an all day-er) and plenty of water. Brynlee has really been loving veggie trays lately (which is weird because I can’t get her to eat a vegetable at home to save my life, but give her one by the pool and she devours it!), so I usually always bring one of those, as well as, yogurt pouches, Annie’s Organic Cheddar Bunnies, pretzels and sometimes popcorn.

Having our essentials with us for pool or lake days makes them a breeze and allows us all to have a lot more fun! What are some of your pool day essentials? Anything I’m leaving out that would make things easier on us?


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