Life Lately

This weekend was HOT!!! We spent as much time as possible at my SIL’s pool and other than that we tried to stay cool indoors.


And part of that included lots of dress up and wearing 4 tutu’s at once.


Brynlee has been boycotting veggies for the past couple of months, but just recently she’s  gotten even pickier. The only foods I can always count on her eating are granola, pickles, yogurt, pasta, cheese and luckily (for me) smoothies, anything else is a hit or a miss and its usually a miss. It’s extremely frustrating, I’m always worried about her being hungry! But at least she still loves smoothies, so I just try to jam pack them full of fruits and vegetables and so some nights that means pickles and smoothies are on the menu for dinner.


Friday night I thought it would be fun to make homemade white pizza. Brynlee loves pizza (hello cheese!) and I loved that I was able to throw some some chicken on it and Brynlee actually gobbled it all up!


Did I mention it was HOT this weekend, this is basically all my car said Saturday and Sunday, really, I was beginning to think it was broken!


And so we took refuge in the pool!


Brynlee loves to swim and she is getting so good at it!


I love that it exhausts some of that endless toddler energy and almost guarantees a good nights sleep and great nap!


Swimming is actually the only time she will eat any veggies, whenever we have a pool day she loves taking a little veggie tray break and will devour the broccoli and carrots!


I hope you all had wonderful weekends and managed to stay cool too!


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