That Time Brynlee Went on an Amazon Shopping Spree…

Oh yes, that happened!

After an incident involving our iPad that resulted in a cracked screen, we decided it might be a good idea for Brynlee to get her own tablet. And so when Amazon Prime Day rolled around and their Fire’s were on huge discount we went ahead a pulled the trigger. We ended up selecting this Fire, this case and the 2-year protection plan that will replace it no matter what Brynlee might do to it!


And so far, we have loved it! It makes grocery shopping a breeze, no more screaming, no more standing up in the cart trying to climb out, no more trying to strip in the middle of the store, she is entertained the whole time and I can get in and out of the store in record time!


If it were up to her, we would take it everywhere with us.

And so, one morning last week, when she woke up way too early, I decided to give her the Fire to entertain her while I took a shower and got ready.

And, not surprisingly she was perfect! She happily sat on my bed playing the apps and watching some of the shows we loaded on there.

Once I was done, we went about the rest of our day, met my Aunt for a little swimming date and dinner that evening and I didn’t really think much of it.

Meanwhile, Landon was getting bombarded by emails from Amazon…

On my way home from dinner with my Aunt I called Landon and our conversation went a little something like this:

Landon- “So, I got a bunch of emails from Amazon today…”

Me- “Really, why” (obviously having no idea what had occurred, I was wracking my brain thinking of what the last thing I order was and if there could possible be an issue)

Landon- “Well, the first one was from buying a Mickey Mouse app for Brynlee’s Fire, at first, I thought maybe you got it for her”

Me- “What? No, I haven’t gotten any apps lately”

(By this time Landon is trying to hide his laughter, he had already figured out what happened, but I was still clueless)

Landon- “But then I started opening up the other emails…”

In addition to the Mickey Mouse app, Brynlee also bought the entire 2nd season of Paw Patrol, as well as one episode from season 1, and single episodes of two other shows I’d never heard of and three other random apps.

I didn’t know if I should be upset or laugh! Eventually the laughter won over and Landon and I sat on the phone just laughing about what a little sneak our daughter is! We are going to have to watch out for that one when she’s older!

Having only used and iPad (where you have to type in your password for everything!!!) I had no idea that that might not be the case for the Fire!!!

And Brynlee certainly took advantage of the naivety.

We have since adjusted the settings to now ask for the password for any purchase and Brynlee has since protested when she has gone in to the app store trying to buy more things.

I guess I should be thankful that we caught it when we did before she could do too much damage!

And while I’m sure if I contacted Amazon and told them what happened they would have let me return then (Amazon’s customer service is amazing), we decided to just keep them since we knew Brynlee would use them.

Anyway, once again, lesson learned, NEVER underestimate your toddler!!!


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