Life Lately

You know when you are really looking forward to something and are so excited and just can’t wait for that something to get here and how sometimes when you are that excited about it you build up all these awesome expectations of how perfect everything is going to be and you are going to have the most fun time ever?

And then not only does it turn out to be a complete flop, but in a moment of pure desperation you completely loose your sanity and end the day in a pile of tears and telling your husband to pack everything up because we are leaving RIGHT. NOW. even though it is already dark, but you don’t think of that because, remember, you have lost your sanity and so all rational thought has gone completely out the window regardless of what anyone says?

Brynlee- 1 Mama- 0

I have been looking forward to our annual August camping trip all summer long! It is always such a treat to escape the heat for a few days and get back to nature without all the distractions of everyday life. Or at least it normally is anyway.

This was Brynlee’s 3rd time camping (here’s the 1st and here’s the 2nd) and because Brynlee did so well when we went in May, I really thought she would do even better on this trip!

Oh, how wrong I was!!!

Brynlee absolutely refused to sleep! And while I really didn’t expect to get much of a nap out of her during the day, I thought she’d be so exhausted from playing all day that she would get a good night’s sleep.

Well, she was exhausted alright, just a little too exhausted, the first (and only) night we were there she only slept about 3.5-4 inconsistent hours, which made for a very tired toddler and a very tired mama the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, we did have fun times, of course spending time with our family was amazing, but a lot of that time was broken by a very tired, very cranky Brynlee. Oh and did I mention she wouldn’t eat either? For the 2 days we were there she barely ate a thing, not even the dutch oven mac and cheese that I was sure she would love!

And it was at that point that I broke.

Saturday evening, Dutch oven dinner night (which I didn’t even get to eat), while Brynlee was vehemently rejecting dinner, the tears just started streaming down my face with no end in sight. Landon offered that we could just go home then and after thinking about trying to survive another sleepless night with Brynlee I said “I want to go home!”

I must admit that on the drive home I started second guessing myself, it was not very fun! Brynlee was not happy, the road we had to take isn’t a pleasant one during the day, let alone at night, it’s very twisty, and there was a ton of traffic. Far more than we’ve ever had before, even during the day.

But when we finally got home, Brynlee was so excited! We walked her upstairs to her crib and she immediately wanted in and when I laid her pillow down on the mattress she went “oooohhhhh!!!”, laid her head down on it, yawned and was asleep before we even left the room. And then I knew, it was right for us to come home. My poor, over tired baby just needed her own bed and she was finally able to sleep.

It wasn’t all bad, we did have fun times and Brynlee had A LOT of fun, and since I’ve already rambled on far too long, I’m going to let the pictures do (most of) the talking.



*Our home for the weekend.


*Oh hello, Mickey, of course you went everywhere with Brynlee and was a dirty mess by the time we got home.


*Grandma brought a hammock and I’m sure she would have really like to use it, these two, however, decided to take it over.


*Oh look, some dirt!


*Oh, and there’s some more dirt over there!




*Ummm, yeah, Brynlee thought this was a slide and it provided a good 30 minutes of entertainment!


*My little explorer


*This really is the only way to hike…


*Oh, wait, maybe I will walk for a minute…


*Or not… when Brynlee saw this view she said “WHOA!!!!”


*Hey look! I actually made it in a picture!


*And again with the dirt…


*I am so sad that I missed this dinner!!! I hear it was amazing…


*Lola had a lot of fun too and has since spent the last 2 days sleeping, trying to recuperate from all the fun!

And that, my friends, was our weekend. I hope yours was better than mine and you didn’t loose your head quite as spectacularly as I did.

And I hope you enjoyed the multitude of run-on sentences…


2 thoughts on “Life Lately

    1. Welcome Justine!!! It really is a lot of fun, especially for the kiddos, I’m sure your son would love it too! We really enjoy going (usually) and will definitely be taking Brynlee again! Thanks so much for reading!!


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