State String Art Revamp

A couple of years ago I shared a tutorial on how I made my original State String Art, but after redecorating early this summer and completely eliminating my house of all things red, it really needed updating.


And it just so happens that as I was strolling through JoAnn’s the other day inspiration hit me! In the form of this gold glitterspun yarn.


I instantly fell in love with the shimmery gold and the fact that JoAnn’s had it on clearance for $0.50 each, well I just couldn’t pass it up!


It ended up taking about 3 1/2 packages and I just love it’s new look! The picture really doesn’t do it justice on just how sparkly it is. I love how it turned out and since gold is a relatively neutral color, should I decide to redecorate again, I probably wont have to change this piece up again.

Oh and did I mention this gorgeous yarn comes in a multitude of colors, just in case gold isn’t your thing. So get yourself over to JoAnn’s and make one this weekend!


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