Favorite Things Friday- Wool Dryer Balls

You guys!!!

This is a total game changer!

I have been seeing wool dryer balls everywhere lately and finally decided that I needed to try them out, and OH MY GOODNESS, am I glad I did!


I ordered this 6-pack from Amazon and they have seriously changed (and improved) my laundry routine. If you can believe it, I was super excited to start laundry when these showed up on my door and I’d actually been saving a large load of towels just for the occasion.

And you know what happened???

They were dry in HALF the time.

I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t even have another load in the washer to change out, I really couldn’t believe that they could make such a difference, but they did and have continued to do so each and every time!


I haven’t used dryer sheets (click here for why you shouldn’t either) for years, but if you add a few drops of Young Living’s lavender to the wool balls before you throw them in the dryer your laundry will come out smelling absolutely divine!!!


If you have a particularly dirty load of laundry to do, perhaps sweaty gym clothes or maybe even after a weekend spent camping, try adding a few drops of Young Living’s purification to really cleanse your laundry and have them come out smelling great!

They really reduce static cling too!


So, head on over to Amazon (or wherever else you might find them) and order yourself a set of these amazing little balls to drastically improve your laundry game! I mean seriously, if you have a big family or always seem to be doing laundry, these can really help! I’m still amazed how quickly I get through my laundry and I’ve had them for a few weeks now.

And if you are still using fabric sheets or fabric softener, switching will not only save you money, they are good for 1500 washes, but they will also eliminate all those toxic chemicals from your laundry.

And if you don’t have Young Living essential oils yet, but are interested in getting some or just have a few questions either leave a comment below or email me at blissfullymade@yahoo.com I’d love to chat with you about them!


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