Life Lately

Hello there!! Remember me? I know, its been a while and man, have I missed blogging!! But unfortunately when life starts to get a little too busy, this little hobby of mine is the first to get put on the back burner, there just aren’t enough hours in some days, are there?

Anyway, I’m back and will hopefully be getting back into a regular blogging schedule because I truly do love doing this and definitely feel something missing when I don’t get a chance to blog.

So, whats been keeping me so busy??? All good things!!


First up, I took a custom job making some outdoor cushions. I made 4 sets of these bad boys and love how they turned out! If we ever pull the trigger on a patio set you can bet I will be making a nice plush set of cushions (those seat cushions are 6″ thick and those pillows are 25″x25″) like these instead of buying those thin ones that only last for a season.


However, they were time consuming and I did have some what of a learning curve as I’ve never sewn cushions like these before or with outdoor fabric for that matter. PSA- do not, I repeat, DO NOT try ironing your outdoor fabric, if you do not only will you ruin your fabric you will have a very real chance of ruining your iron. Luckily I didn’t ruin mine. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I went to iron that first seam open, I knew better, but I guess old habits die hard… Anyway, if you ever sew with outdoor fabric finger pressing is your best friend, you’re welcome!

And so, in addition to sewing these being extremely time consuming, my darling two year old decided it would be a good idea for her to stop taking naps…

My toddler needs her naps! I need her naps! But really, when Brynlee does not get enough sleep everybody feels it and I feel so bad for her because I know that if she would just sleep she would feel so much better! If only I could get that point across to her.


Which led me to purchase, at the recommendation of my BFF, this book. Have you heard the term “spirited” in reference to kids before? I’ve used it to describe Brynlee, but I honestly had no idea it was a real thing. Well, it is and Mary Sheedy Kurcinka came up with it and has done a ton of research and worked with multiple families of spirited children and I have to tell you, just reading the first paragraph had me sold! It described Brynlee to a tee and while I am only about a quarter of the way through it, it has cleared up so many things and reaffirmed some of the things that Landon and I have already implemented to be correct. I’ve always said that Brynlee has A LOT of feelings and whether she is happy or sad or anything else, you and anyone around you are going to know about it and that is exactly what this book confirms, “spirited” kids are just “more”.

Anyway, I would highly recommend this book to anyone, parents of “spirited” kids or not, as well as, family members. It is a huge eye opener into the way children function and how one behavior that might be perceived as a negative is actually a positive so long as we, the parents, family members and friends, can be there to teach them to understand themselves and how those characteristics make each one of them so special.

Also, fortunately for my sanity, Brynlee is back to her normal nap taking schedule, crisis averted!

Twice a year, Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market is held in Scottsdale and it full of vintage and handmade goodness!! If that is at all your jam, I would highly suggest hitting the next one up, it’s scheduled in May, check it out!


We went the other weekend and had so much fun!!! These are all the treasure I came home with, but if there was no limitation of funds, you can be sure I would have came home with a lot more! I even have a few things on my list for next time.


First up, this amazing hanging scale! I have been looking for one of these for a very long time, they are NOT easy to find, especially here in AZ. Anyway, I realize this is a reproduction, but I still really love it’s chippy goodness and the fact that they made it into a working clock is bonus points in my book. My plan is to hang it in my kitchen (obviously) and use it as our fruit “basket”.


Next up, this cute little heart made out of one of the rings from a wine barrel. I just love that they added glitter to the inside and can’t wait to get my gallery wall finished and add this to it.


And of course I had to get this sign for Brynlee, fits her perfectly!


This dough bowl, oh how I love dough bowls, but unfortunately all the ones I’ve seen have been on the pricier side, so you know when I found this one for around $30, I just had to snatch it up! I can’t wait to fill it with pumpkins and gourds and use it as a fall centerpiece. Maybe I’ll even throw in a few fake spiders and such to make it a little more Halloween-y during October.


Speaking of Fall decorations, how cute are these pumpkins and Jack-o-lanterns I made the other weekend. I found this tutorial from the girls at Lolly Jane and initially planned to make them for a girls craft night, unfortunately that fell through, but hopefully we will still manage to get together to make those cute signs they shared too!


And last, but certainly not least (at least for me) this beauty arrived in the mail last Friday and I can hardly contain my excitement over it!


While I realize that you probably don’t care about my new phone I still had to share because my old phone could barely even be called a phone anymore. I pretty much has problems with it from day one and even had to get my first one replaced because it was a lemon. But it also always dropped calls, no matter where I was, 50% of the time people on the other end couldn’t hear me because of static, it had the slowest camera known to man and on the off chance I could actually get a picture to load via text was a pure miracle. Oh, and it would crash ALL. THE. TIME. And so and I absolutely thrilled to have gotten my hands on this beauty.


I mean,seriously, all the heart eyes for the rose gold! Is it acceptable for me to claim it as my favorite color?? This is the case I got for it and it matches the rose gold perfectly! Not to mention I love the extra large screen for blog reading and Instagram scrolling. Oh and the camera on it is AHHHH-mazing!!!

And so, here’s to better picture quality and better blogging!

I hope you all had wonderful weekends!


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