Let’s Talk Costumes

October 1st is tomorrow and so, it’s that time of year again to start talking costumes!

I think I’m still lucky that Brynlee is pretty indifferent when it comes to the subject. I’ve heard from friends how indecisive kids can be when it comes to the topic, changing their minds right up until Halloween Day.

Although I do still try to pick Brynlee’s costume based on things she’s really interested and that I think she would probably pick herself. I also really love the challenge of making her costume each year. For her first Halloween she was a Bumble Bee based on the fact that I’ve called her my Brynlee Bee since the day she was born. And last year she was Minnie Mouse and if you’ve been around here long, you know her love of all things Mickey, so it just made sense.

This year, I chose her costume based on her latest obsession- kitties. I’m not much of a cat person, but I fear that that might be changing in the next few years. Brynlee loves cats!!!

I also decided that this year I was going to try to make her costume in a way that it wouldn’t be a one time wear. I hated how much effort I put in her Minnie costume to have only been worn once. This year, I chose a sewing pattern and fabric that I think will work and am planning to add removable embellishments to make it more cat-like. Hopefully, combined with the cat ears and painted on nose and whiskers, we’ll be able to pull it off.


And so, here are the supplies (all from JoAnn) I have, I really hope it will turn out as cute as it is in my head. If not, we might be throwing on her ballet leotard, black tights and a tail last minute… Wish me luck!

So, what are your kids going to be? Do you like to make your Halloween costume or prefer store bought?


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Costumes

  1. Des

    We generally do not make our own costumes. I don’t see well and the kids always seem to want the costumes they see in stores. This year My son has decided on batman. EASY! Target had a one day Cartwheel for 40% off kids costumes and the batman costume only cost me $6!
    My daughter on the other hand was on the fence. Well one day we were talking to her teacher and she suggested to my daughter that she make her costume (since the teacher dos every year blah blah blah). So now we are making. A costume. She has decided on a skeleton. Not a cutesy skeleton or a dio de los muertos but a scary skeleton. I bought a long sleeve turtle neck and fleece lined leggings. We printed off a skeleton template and I bought white and glow in the dark fabric paint. I’m nervous but it’s what she wants and I’m hoping it will be a fun day of crafting!


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