Paper Bag Skirt

I mentioned in this post that I am currently working on sewing through my current stash of fabric and other crafty supplies. And so, when I came across some scraps of gray Kona cotton that were left over from teaching my younger cousin how to sew a paper bag skirt using this tutorial, I immediately thought it would be cute to make Brynlee a matching skirt!


*And can I just state for the record how impossibly hard it is to photograph a 2 year old when she really has no interest in it… I could not get that water bottle out of her hands no matter how much I begged pleaded or bribed, so just pretend it isn’t there, mmmmkay? 😉


I thought that if I multiplied Brynlee’s waist measurement by 1.7 (as it states in the tutorial, which is for an adult and worked wonderfully for my cousin) I would end up with way too much fabric, of course I wanted plenty of gathers, but I didn’t want it super bulky and uncomfortable.


I ended up using 2- 13.5″x 11″, which ended up being a little less than 1.5 times Brynlee’s waist and I think it provided just the right amount of gathers.


This is a quick sew, about 30-45 minutes, before you know it you’ll have the cutest little skirt for your little one.


Once it finally cools down here (it’s supposed to get to 99* today), I’m going to add some cute opaque tights and a cardigan and Brynlee will be set for the cooler temps!


Happy Sewing!


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