Life Lately- Pumpkin Patch

Hello there! Is everyone enjoying their Fall? It’s finally starting to feel a little Fall-ish around here now and I couldn’t be happier!

The weather is cooling down so we can actually spend our days outside now and I’m hoping to start up our weekly zoo trips next week.

I’m also enjoying the plethora of all things pumpkin! I LOVE pumpkin!!!

And so, Fall just wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch and that is exactly what we did over the weekend.

Brynlee and I headed up north to spend Saturday at Mortimer Farms with my family. I love Mortimer Farms’ Pumpkin Festival! It’s at the same place, although under different ownership now, as the pumpkin patch that I used to go to as a kid and I just love being able to share that with Brynlee. We’ve taken Brynlee every year and have always had the best time! If you are looking for a great pumpkin festival and live close by or are willing to travel (plenty of people do) I would highly recommend it!

And so, here are a few snippets of our trip. I took close to 500 photos (WHOA!!! even for me) so you’re welcome for me not completely going overboard on the sharing.

B1 B2

The petting zoo was a favorite, as always, of Brynlee’s.




And the corn pit was another repeat favorite from last year. I’m pretty sure she would happily have spent all day in there.


Although then she would have missed the pony ride, she was a little unsure at first, but once they started moving she was all smiles!


And the only reason I was able to get her off of the real pony was because of this tire pony, which ended up being her favorite thing of the day and she continually asked to go on it again and again.


This year she was finally big enough to go into the bounce house and she was thrilled!


Perhaps my favorite part of the festival was that my oldest childhood friend came with her family and I loved that our kids got to spend time together. We don’t get to see them much and I would really love if our kids were close friends too!


As much fun as we were having, Brynlee had absolutely zero interest in photo ops. I was really hoping for a cute, frame worthy one here, but instead… well… hmmm…


She did really enjoy the band while we were eating lunch and loved dancing and clapping along.


We also did the corn maze. My cousin and sister kept hiding in the maze and jumping out to scare the kids, Brynlee thought it was hilarious and so she started trying to do it too.



And finally, we made it to the pumpkin patch.

B16 B17

I’m pretty sure Brynlee was in pumpkin heaven (she might have gotten that from me) and quickly found the tiniest of pumpkins to add to her collection.


Last, but not least, I just had to make a sand bird with Brynlee. I loved making them as a child and I knew Brynlee would have so much fun picking out the colors and pouring them in. The only problem now is that she wants to play with it and I’m terrified we’re going to end up with broken glass and sand everywhere!!!


Happy Fall, y’all!


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