Halloween Recap

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all had an amazing time, we sure did!

But before I get into our Halloween, I wanted to share that the weekend before we went to another pumpkin festival here in Gilbert, Vertuccio Farms and it was HOT!!! We didn’t stay for very long because of the heat, next year we know to get there first thing in the morning!


But, Brynlee did love feeding the goats while we were there.


And I still don’t know how we were able to get her away from this giant bounce pad. She had so much fun!


I also enrolled Brynlee in a pre-school prep class through our rec center that started last week. It’s only once a week, but she had a lot of fun and made this cute little ghost craft while she was there. I don’t know if all town recreations offer classes like these, but I would highly recommend checking into it. Ours runs 8 week long sessions every 2 months or so and there are so many different classes. This is our first, but I will be re-enrolling her next session and I plan to enroll her in a few more too.


Also last week, at Brynlee’s dance class, all of the girls dressed up. I was a little worried I wouldn’t get Brynlee in her costume, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with it prior to this and cried when I put it on her, but as soon as we were out the door and when she saw the other girls in their costumes it was all smiles. I love that her dance studio did this, it was so cute seeing all of the little girls dressed up!

Anyway, back to our Halloween.


We carved pumpkins Friday night. Landon’s is on the left, mine is on the right and Landon decided Brynlee needed one too, so he carved an Elmo for her.


Saturday morning we did a little pumpkin craft with Brynlee. I found a cute cat kit that came with everything needed to decorate a pumpkin and then bought a small fake pumpkin so we would be able to keep it.


Brynlee really loved painting the pumpkin. We did it outside on a drop cloth and it was a lot less messy than I thought it would be thanks to a case of wipes and some old rags to help contain the mess.


The only downside was waiting for the pumpkin to dry, Brynlee wanted to keep painting it and wasn’t very patient (I know, shocker).


When it was almost dry, we finally got to add the stickers.


Surprisingly, she did really well sticking them all where the were supposed to go. I love how it turned out and I’m so happy I went with a fake pumpkin so we can pull it out year after year with the rest of our decorations. I think this will be my favorite!




When it was time to get ready for Halloween, I tried painting a little nose and whiskers on Brynlee, she freaked out! I’m not sure what got into her, but she wanted nothing to do with the face paint. I wiped it off as quickly as I could, but the melt down had already started and I thought our Halloween was done! Luckily after begging, pleading and bribing with snacks I was able to get her costume on and we headed outside to let her play in the grass in hopes of boosting her mood!


And once we started going door to door trick or treating she was all smiles and had so much fun!


She loved ringing the doorbells and knocking on doors. We stopped at one house that was decorated and had all there lights on, but didn’t answer the door and Brynlee started saying “uh-oh!” and “oh no” and didn’t want to leave until someone answered.


Eventually that candy bucket got a little too heavy and she enlisted the help of daddy to carry it the rest of the night, but only between the houses, she wanted it back once we got to the door to get her candy.


As much fun as Brynlee had trick or treating, I think her favorite part of Halloween was passing out the candy. She loved grabbing the bowl and running to the door whenever the doorbell rang.


Although, you wouldn’t really know it by this face… I think this was the “I’m getting really tired, but having too much fun to admin it” face. We get those a lot around here.


And I’ll leave you with a little peek at our house Halloween night.


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