Merry Christmas Wreath


I love having beautiful wreaths on my front door and I love making them even more! So I really can’t say why it took me so long to make a Christmas wreath, especially since Christmas decorations are pretty much my favorite thing ever!

But I finally did and now here I am to share the simple process with you!


I started with a wire wreath frame, I decided to go with square this time since all my other wreaths are circular. I already had the red glitter polka dot ribbon on hand from after Christmas sales (my favorite!!) a few years ago and I had one roll of red deco mesh but ended up needed to get another to finish the wreath. To make the wreath I just alternated weaving the ribbon and deco mesh through the wire frame and smooshing it all together to make it full.


I had picked up these wire lights for another project that I didn’t end up using them for and the Merry Christmas ornament is from my gift wrapping supplies.


I divided the amount of lights up by 4 to make sure I had an even amount of lights on each side and wound them through the ribbon securing them to the wire form with tape. I also taped the battery pack to the bottom point of the form, so far that has worked well and is easily accessible to turn the lights on and off.  Then I used some red and white bakers twine to attach the Merry Christmas ornament to the top center point of the wreath.


I love how happy it makes my door look!


And here’s a peek at what it looks like with the lights on. They come off a little orange in this picture, but are much more red in real life. The lights say they will last for 20 hours so I just turn them on in the evening and early mornings and keep them off the rest of the time.


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