DIY Sewing Kit


In need of a great gift idea? Well here you go! This is super easy, inexpensive and a thoughtful gift to give to any sewist, a student heading off to college or really anyone, I mean who isn’t in need of, at the very least, a mending kit.

Start off with a mason jar, any size will work depending on  what you want to add to your jar. I used a quart here.


Trace your lid onto a piece of poster board and cut it out.


Using that as a template, cut a circle from a piece of fabric about 1/2″ larger.


Grab a handful of batting.


Using a glue gun, glue it to the poster board circle cut out.


Place it, batting side down on top of the fabric circle.


And start folding and gluing the fabric to your poster board. I started by gluing 4 sides.


Then the 4 corners and finally all the little flaps down.


When your done it should look like this, a pin cushion.


Line the rim of the jar ring with hot glue and press the pin cushion through.


Then glue the lid to the back of the pin cushion.


Now fill your jar with supplies, add a couple of pins on top and your good to go!

I made this gift for someone who is starting to hand quilt so I added some spools of different colored thread, needles and some scrap fabric and fat quarters. If you are making this for a mending kit, adding buttons, some elastic, a variety of closures or for a sewist filling it with notions and fabric would be perfect!

Happy Crafting/Sewing!!!


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