Christmas Bows

Today was the last day of Brynlee’s dance class for a couple of weeks for winter break and so, I thought it would be fun to make a little gift for Brynlee to give to all the little girls in her class. I really wanted the gifts to me non-edible since so many treats are passed around during the holiday already.


I decided on some simple hair bows made from left over fabric I had from Brynlee’s Christmas dress. I made these bows the same way I made the Minnie Mouse bows for Brynlee’s birthday, except I put a 4″x 4″ tulle overlay on top.


Though its really hard to see in this photo (sorry), I cut out a 3.75″x 5″ piece of white card stock and using an X-acto knife I cut two 1″ incisions in the middle of the card.


I slipped the bow onto the cardstock and into cellophane bags and made a little tag that said xoxo, Brynlee that I tied to each bag with red and white bakers twine.

All of the girls (and their mom’s) loved them when Brynlee passed them out and I love that they all have matching bows to wear whenever we all get together.


And of course, I couldn’t forget Brynlee’s teacher. She is the most amazing teacher ever. If you’ve been following along for very long, you know Brynlee had a very rough transition to dance. It took a full month before she lasted the whole class and 2 months before she would walk into class without crying. Her teacher was so kind and encouraging and never gave up on her. I worried I’d made a mistake and enrolled her too early, luckily, thanks to her teacher, she now loves it and is doing extremely well. Brynlee gave her a monogrammed mug with a starbucks gift card. I wrapped it in red cellophane, tied a giant bow on it and attached a thank you card. Her teacher loved it and I was grateful for the opportunity to finally tell her how much I appreciate her and the impact she has had on Brynlee.


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