Our Christmas

Oh my, Christmas was fun this year! Between both our families we had a week long of celebrations and activities and boy are we feeling it now! The after Christmas hangover is REAL and we are all feeling it!

Brynlee is acting out a lot more than usual, I think she got used to all the extra attention from family members and the constant string of activities, so this week, even though she has a million new toys to play with, has been quite boring in comparison.  As for me and Landon, we are both exhausted from the constant go, go, go of last week and have been enjoying the leisurely down time this week, now if only Brynlee would follow suit.

We enjoyed hosting my family this year for Christmas the Saturday before Christmas and it was wonderful. We used to get together every year on Christmas Eve, but it was always so rushed because everyone wanted to get home to get ready for Christmas morning.


Brynlee and I made sugar cookies and homemade marshmallows (using this recipe) the day before our celebration and so as everyone was arriving and getting settled we served up hot cocoa and had a little cookie decorating soiree while we waited for dinner to be done. If you’ve never tried making your own marshmallows yet, do it!! They are so delicious and a lot easier than you might think.



Brynlee loved decorating the cookies and I loved have the extra time to chat with our loved ones!


We continued the week of activities with our annual trip to the Zoo Lights. Sadly, this year did not go so well with Brynlee, she was constantly trying to run off, it was super crowded and we barely got to even look at the lights we were too busy chasing after Brynlee. Hopefully next year will be better, if we even brave it, that will depend on Brynlee’s listening and following direction skills. Needless to say, any talk of going to Disneyland this spring went out the window after that little experience.


We also did plenty of baking and finished all of our list of last minute to do in preparation for the big day.

And now I have to take a little moment to be extremely cliche, but having a child totally brings back the magic of Christmas. I haven’t been this excited about Christmas since I was little. I mean seriously, as in I had a hard time sleeping Christmas Eve I was so excited! It was so much more magical this year with Brynlee because she really participated in everything and understood what was going on. We had SO. MUCH. FUN!


On Christmas Eve, we went to Landon’s Aunt’s house where the entire family gathers for dinner and Santa even makes a surprise visit to hand out a gift to each of the kids.


Woodzeez Happy Camper

Much like our visit to Santa went the week before, Brynlee was not a fan, but she gladly accepted her gift and had fun playing with it the rest of the evening.


When we got home, we put cookies, milk and carrots out for Santa and his reindeer and headed to bed!


We’re ready for you, Santa!


Christmas morning Landon and I were the first one’s up, we were both so excited and so of course Brynlee chose that morning to sleep in until 8:00am!!! When does that ever happen??? Any other day I will gladly take the extra sleep, but today, I just wanted to wake her up so badly.

Anyway, as everyone informed me to enjoy it because soon it will be 3 and 4am wake up calls, we not so patiently waiting for sleeping beauty to wake up…


Eventually she did and we had so much fun seeing her excitement over what Santa had brought her and as she was opening her gifts from us.


She was so excited to find Pluto under the tree, now her little Mickey family is complete and Mickey, Minnie AND Pluto must go everywhere!

Then the next morning we headed up north for your final Christmas celebration with Landon’s parents and it was COLD!!!


We all still had a lot of fun! Especially when the kiddos realized Santa had visited Nana and Papa’s house to drop off these little Rangers. The kids loved them and even Brynlee got the hang of driving one, eventually…


It took massive amounts of bribery and the fact that she was chilled to the bone to get Brynlee back inside after that.

All in all, we had so much fun this year celebrating with our loved ones and while I’m sad that it’s all over, I’m also really looking forward to the new year and all it will bring!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and wish you and your families and Happy New Year!


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