2016 Goals

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a great start to 2016 so far! I must admit, it’s been a little slow going for me, I think I’m still in the after holiday daze and am struggling to get out of it and get motivated. Needless to say, the coffee has been flowing over here all morning long.

I’ve never really been one to make a New Year’s resolution or really even any goals for each year as they come, I guess I’ve always just been a go with the flow type of gal. This year however, I want to live with more intention. Since leaving my full time job in corporate America almost 2 years ago (Wow! Has it really been that long???), I really thought I would have accomplished a lot more throughout our home, blogging, my etsy shop and quite a few other categories than what I have. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really been thinking a lot about what I wanted my 2016 to look like and I finally decided it was high time to come up with some goals, write them down, post them here and hold myself accountable.


After some brainstorming and jotting down many of the things I’d like to do this year I realized my list was getting fairly long and quite frankly, a little overwhelming. Now I know that 365 days is plenty of time to get a lot of things done, but I decided that if I wanted to stay motivated throughout the year I would need to split my list into two categories- 2016 Goals and Monthly Goals.

I like the idea of having 2016 Goals because there are few things that I want to be habit forming and to continue throughout the year and into future years too.

And Monthly Goals are appealing to me because it breaks my long list down into manageable time frames and I can hold off on certain plans, like overhaul my laundry room/ pantry, finishing landscaping our backyard and painting or replacing our kitchen cabinets until we have saved up enough money to do these projects.

And so, here they are!

2016 Goals:

Become a list maker- Aside from making a grocery list (and even that is a fairly recent development), I have NEVER been a list maker. I’ve tried here and there and am always amazed at how well they work to keep me motivated, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as checking things off that to do list. But I’ve never stuck with it, instead I’ve always relied on a running list in my head. Sadly, this is no longer working for me, it first started with pregnancy brain, then the newborn blur brain and now maybe its just plain ol’ mama brain, but I am constantly forgetting things and silently cursing myself for not writing it down to begin with. I mean really, how many trips to target must I make before I finally remember to get C batteries, I swear, we own half the store by now, but nope, still no C batteries… And so I did what anyone would do, I hit the Target dollar bins and picked up a cute note pad and got come fun and colorful pens in hopes of making this a little more fun!


Meal Plan- Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I was doing so good at this the first half of last year and while I hate, hate, hate sitting down searching for recipes and making my list, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being organized, knowing what I have in my fridge, freezer and pantry and always being prepared come meal time. I’m not quite sure how or when I fell off the meal planning band wagon, but I really need to get back on. We eat so much healthier and feel so much better when I do it and so even thought I really dislike actually sitting down to make the plan, it is oh so worth it in the end.

Blog more- I am a very poor excuse of a blogger. It seems like sometimes I do really well at planning out blog posts and blogging regularly, but when life hits a busy spell, this is usually the first thing to go and I just hate that! So this kind of falls under list making also, but I need to be better about planning, working on and publishing posts. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve done/made this year that never made it to the blog simply because I ran out of time (read: just didn’t do it) to take pics and write the post.

On a side note, I’m really excited to finally be able to share some of the gifts I made for Christmas this year! I’ve been dying to post them and now that everything has been gifted I finally can! Wahoo!!

Focus more on The Blissfully Made Shop- I’ve had my etsy shop for a couple of years now and really, nothing has come of it. And to be honest, I have no one to blame but myself. I’ve always treated it more like a hobby than a business and if I want it to actually be a business that will make an income for my family I need to treat it as such. Previously, it’s been a lot like this blog, whenever I have spare time I would sew things, I would never really plan ahead for anything and when I got busy, it dropped off the map completely. So this year I want to make the time, turn it into a priority and not just a hobby, make it the business that I’ve dreamed it to be. I’m super excited for some of the things I have planned for this little shop of mine in the upcoming months and I can’t wait to share them with you! For the most part, I’ll still be sticking to children’s clothing, but will have a new product heading to the shop soon that is unlike anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve spent the last few weeks perfecting the pattern and method and am so, so excited about it!

Become a selfish sewer- I rarely, rarely ever make something for myself and when I do it is most likely for the house, not actually for me. I make tons of stuff for Brynlee and most of the gifts I give are handmade and so even though I’ve wanted to get into garment making for myself and also do some quilting, somehow time always runs out and another year goes by that I just don’t do it. Well, not this year, sorry folks, but this year I’m going to be a little more selfish about my time in my sewing room and focus a little more on me.

Develop a cleaning routine- right now my cleaning is so scattered, I just randomly do tasks as I see the need, but I would love to develop a routine to ensure everything gets done and to stay ahead of the game. I hate realizing come Saturday that I still have multiple loads of laundry to do, I need to clean the bathrooms, vacuum and mop all because the week just got away from me and now I’m spending my whole weekend cleaning instead of spending time with my family like I would prefer to do. I really like the Clean Mama’s process and I’m going to try stick to it this year. I also have her book (which is great BTW) and love her yearly list for deep cleaning, projects that don’t need to be done weekly and are often forgot about until they become a problem… See here I am with the lists again! It appears I really need them in my life!

Hmmmm… After typing all of that out, it really seems like my 2016 goal is to be a better planner.

And now for my monthly goals, instead of listing each month with the goals I want to/ plan to accomplish that month right now, I’m going do a post at the beginning of each month with that month’s goals. This way I can still be flexible with what I can feasibly get done due to time or money during that month and I’ll also be able to do a recap of how the previous months goals went.

January Goals:

I don’t know if its the fresh start of a new year or what, but I have the urge to purge my house. I’ve also started reading this book, so I’m sure that has a lot to do with it too. So this month’s theme is get the house in order!

Clean out our pantry- down the road I want to do a complete pantry overhaul, getting bins and glass jars and labeling everything. But before I do that I need to know what I have in there. We are lucky enough to have a pretty good sized pantry, but as a result it has become the finally resting place for a lot of unused items and for a lot of things that don’t even belong in the pantry. So a quick clean out is definitely in order before I can do anything else.

Clean out kitchen cabinets- Ugh!!! I am not looking forward to this one, which is why I MUST get it done this month while I still have the New Year motivation going on. I am a hoarder of kitchen items, servingware, bakeware, glassware, a million little gadgets, you name it, I probably have it. And in reality I don’t use half of it! I could probably run my own catering service with the amount of serving dishes and platters I have. To be fair, before we had Brynlee we used to hold at least one dinner party a month, usually with different themes, it was a lot of fun and a lot of the stuff I had got used. But now, those parties are few and far between, usually around the holidays and everything is just collecting dust. Of course I’ll keep a few things, but its time for the majority of them to find a new home, hopefully one where they will get used.

Re-organize my sewing room- After the mad dash that was November and December that I made to finish all of the Christmas presents I intended to make, my sewing room was left in shambles. And since said sewing room is actually a shared space with my husband’s office, it really needs to be fixed! ASAP! I really don’t like working in a messy area anyway and when it gets like this I am less than motivated to start a new project, so this month, actually probably this week, this needs to get done!

Aaaannndddd… I’m going to stop there for this month. Since I will also have to work on my yearly goals to make them a habit, I went a little short on this months goals. I’m hoping that by next month I’ll feel pretty comfortable with all the yearly’s and will feel more able to accomplish a few more things throughout February. The last thing I want to do is to make myself feel overwhelmed with items to check off my new list that I will be making and end up giving up on all of it. And yes, that has happened in the past, probably a big reason I’ve never been a list maker. But now I’m armed with a cute note pad and pens, and have written out my goals for this year and month to use as an outline and can now start to plan out each day and week to prep for success!

Whew!!! If you actually made it through that extra long and wordy post, congratulations!!! And I would love to hear what goals you’ve set for yourself this year, let’s chat in the comments!


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