Handmade Tablecloth and Napkins

Just like on Wednesday, I’m back to share another one of the Christmas presents I made to give as a gift. This one was by request, from my mom, who really wanted a tablecloth that she could use daily and fit her medium sized table. She was having difficulty finding one that wasn’t either too big or too small. I also made some matching napkins to go with the tablecloth to surprise my mom.


I took these pictures on my (much larger) table before I gave them to my mom for Christmas. But I essentially just took the dimensions she gave me of her table and added 4 inches to each side to account for a 1/2″ seam allowance and a 1.5″ drop off the side of the table. With these measurements I cut the main linen fabric for my tablecloth and used a dinner plate to round the corners to create an oblong shape.


I wanted the border to be 4″ long, so I cut strips of fabric 4 3/4″x WOF and sewed the strips together until I had one strip the length of the total perimeter of the tablecloth. I serged one edge, folded it over 1/4″, pressed it and sewed the hem in place. Then using a 1/2″ seam allowance I sewed the border to the main fabric and serged the ends to finish it off. All together it was a quick project, one afternoon, and has confirmed that I need to make one for myself (remember my selfish sewing goal???)


For the napkins, I used Purl Soho’s tutorial, except I added 2 inches (cut 19″squares) so that my finished napkins were 18″ square.


Other than A TON of ironing, these were super easy and has convinced me to make all the napkins. They are so pretty and with all the beautiful fabric options the possibilities are endless!


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