DIY Embroidery Kit

This is part one of a two part present, that might possibly be my favorite Christmas gift I made this year. I’ll be sharing part two (my favorite part) on Friday to make sure to check back.


I’m a big fan of using what you have, waste not, want not, right? So instead of buying a new jar, I used a couple (I loved this idea so much I made one for myself too) empty applesauce jars. There is certainly no shortage of those around here… To get the label off I just soaked it in warm soapy water for a while and it came right off.


I spray painted the lids white, mostly because thats what I had on hand when I thought of this, but a fun color would be great or I would have loved to do a metallic, maybe gold or rose gold.


I had to do 3 light coats to completely cover the applesauce labels.


To start, I cut a circle out of poster board slightly smaller than the inner circle of the lid. The goal here is for your circle, once placed under the lid, to leave enough room around the edges for the jar to still be able to fit the lid.


Next, cut out a fabric circle slightly larger than the poster board, about 1/2″ around.


Grab a small handful of batting.


Using a hot glue gun, glue it to the poster board circle.


Turn it over, on top of the wrong side of your fabric circle, pull the fabric up and over the poster board and glue it to secure. Start with four sides.


Then the four corners, then glue all the little tabs down.


Using a good amount of glue, attach it to the center of the inside lid.


And there’s your pin/needle cushion.


Transfer your embroidery floss to clothespins.


Add in some scissors.


Put it all in the jar, add some twine or ribbon, if its a gift and your good to go.


Its the perfect jar for travel or to keep everything you need for your current project in one place that is easily transportable.

Not into embroidery? Here’s a DIY Sewing Kit.

Happy Crafting!!


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