Embroidered USA Map Pillow Tutorial

And I’m back with Part 2 (Part 1 here) of my favorite Christmas present that I made this year, an embroidered USA map pillow.


While this type of gift is rather specific, I came up it with because I have an Aunt and Uncle who LOVE to road trip and after their youngest graduates high school in a couple of years they plan to hit the road a lot more. I thought this would be the perfect way to document their travels.


You could easily make your own pillow cover (tutorial here) to match anything you want. But I just happened to be at Ikea one day before Christmas and snagged this pillow cover and this insert for $10 and the fabric perfectly matches their travel trailer, so it was meant to be.


Next I went online, found a free outline of the United States and printed it out.


Now this is where I made things difficult for myself. The fabric of the cover I purchased is like a thick canvas, so I wasn’t able to trace the map like I had originally planned, so keep that in mind when purchasing or making your pillow cover. Instead of quickly tracing the outline, I had to cut up the map with each individual state and trace each one on top of the pillow cover. Not quite as fast, but it still worked fine. Also, make sure you use a light pencil or fabric marker that will wash off easily.


And since this pillow was meant to go on adventures, I added “Let’s go on an adventure” above the map and “Giorgiller Est.2005” below the map to fill up negative space. I hand lettered this on, but if your fabric is thin enough to trace, you can easily print off whatever typography you want.


Go ahead and add this cute little embroidery kit and a hoop and your gift recipient (or yourself) are all set to fill in the states as you visit them.

I really love all the many options you have with this, you can theme it anyway you’d like, keep it neutral, brightly colored, have a lot of fun with the pillow cover fabric and embroidery thread, perfect for any travel lover and a great way to document (and show off) all the many places you have been.

Happy Crafting!!


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