When You Just Have to Walk Away…


I had every intention of sharing the Pippa Peplum from See Kate Sew, as part of Kate’s Sew Along, with you today, but unfortunately it just wasn’t in the stars…

I was really excited to try the Pippa Peplum and to be fair, it’s not a difficult pattern. While I certainly wouldn’t consider myself an expert garment maker, by any means, I have made my fair share of handmade garments and consider myself to be fairly competent in making them. So after reading through the pattern, I really didn’t see it taking more that one nap time (around 2 hours). And even with all the trouble I’ve had, I still believe that to be true, my problems all came from the fabric I was using and my tendency to have a lead foot when it comes to my sewing machine pedal.

I’m hoping to be back next week with a finished Pippa to show you, but after getting overly frustrated, mostly with myself, I just had to walk away. I’m wholly convinced that if I’d just taken my time from the get go, I wouldn’t have run into any of the issues I’ve had and as a result would have finished in a fraction of the time of what it’s currently taking me. So there’s your lesson folks, take your time!!! Otherwise you mind find yourself in my shoes… (Insert frustrated emoji here) 

Anyway, I still wanted to share about my experience this week so that you were all aware that Kate is offering huge discounts on the Pippa Peplum, the add-on and the corresponding adult version, the Penelope (ummm… Hello mama and mini matching!!!). I snagged all three earlier this week and I think she’s running the sale through this weekend, but hurry on over to See Kate See to grab yours today!!


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