February Goals and 2016 Goal Update

Well, here it was and there it went. Can you believe the first month of 2016 is already gone??

Before we jump right into the goals I’ve planned for February, lets recap January real quick so I can make sure to hold myself accountable. I chose to accomplish a pantry clean out, cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and organizing my sewing room.

I am very happy to report that I actually did do all three of those things, albeit, I waited until the last minute to clean out my kitchen cabinets (ahem, this past Saturday, ahem) but there is nothing like staring down the barrel of a shot gun knowing that I’d have to admit I didn’t finish my goals to all of you to get motivated. And I really can’t tell you how much I love having an organized kitchen where I can easily see and access everything I need! My husband especially loves that part of this clean out included our “junk”drawer, which was really bursting at the seems. I am much happier about how things are now and truth be told, it only took a few hours to empty everything, vacuum them all out, then wipe them all down, so I really had no excuse to wait so long.

Let’s move on to February now, shall we?


February is a super busy month for us, not only is it short, but it is packed full of birthdays (including mine and my husband’s) and so most of our weekends are already full, plus we have a quick little getaway planned for later in the month.

And so, this month I just want to:

Re-paint our outdoor bistro set, we’ve had it since we moved in (6 years) and it’s looking pretty weathered, definitely in need of some new paint. And since we extended our patio last spring, it no longer gets hit by the sprinklers and there is actually room to enjoy sitting at it now.

Clean out our hall closet. This has kind of become a giant “junk” drawer in that if something doesn’t have a place, I just throw it in there. It’s gotten to the point that I really don’t know what all is in there and since it’s been over 2 years since the last clean out, I think it is time.

Build a shelf for our living room. I’m a little nervous about listing this here, because this might be the one thing that doesn’t get done this month, but I’m hoping I’ll start feeling the pressure and that will motivate me (kind of like the kitchen cabinets). I’ve wanted to put shelving up for years in our living room, but haven’t found any that I like. Then I saw these over at Lolly Jane and fell in love! They seem super simple to make (which is a big plus since I’ve never done any sort of woodworking) and while I have a few changes in mind, their tutorial is a great starting point.

image1 (2)

And now to see how those annual goals are coming along.

Become a list maker- Ugh!!!! A lot harder that it sounds! Some days go well and I will write everything down and check it off as I go, but most days I still just think I can wing it and then regret it by the end of the day. I’m going to attempt making my list the night before, instead of the morning of, to see if that helps at all.

Meal Planning- Going great!!! I still don’t enjoy doing it, but I love having a game plan for our meals all week and am never left scrambling for something to fix.

Blog more- with the exception of last week, I’ve done pretty well. My plan is to blog at least 3 times a week and try to have a schedule planned out at least a few posts in advance.

The Blissfully Made Shop- is going to be staying dormant for a little while longer, I’ve really been doing some soul searching here with this one and am contemplating make some major changes in this department, so I’ll keep you all posted.

Become a selfish sewer. Um, yeah, I only made stuff for Brynlee or the Give Hope Campaign (see my dress here). I did however purchase a few patterns for myself throughout the month and have a few more that I want to get so hopefully I’ll be better about it in February.

Develop a cleaning routine. No dice on this one, while I did manage to make a list of everything I want to make sure gets done throughout the week, I haven’t managed to narrow down specific days to do them, I’ve just basically done them here and there, which is working, but I’d like it to be a little more structured than that.

And I have one more to add that I didn’t originally have, print out my pictures!!! I take thousands of pictures and for the most part they remain on my phone or my DLSR’s SD card, I do periodically upload them to my computer, but then they just sit there. I really want to make sure that I pick my favorites each month and then print them, frame them and hang them.

So, how about you? How are you’re goals/resolutions going so far?


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