DIY Heart Clip Valentines


I made these cute little Heart Clip Valentine’s for Brynlee to pass out to all the little girls in her dance class. I usually try to stay away from edible favors, just in case of any potential food allergies and heaven knows there is already plenty of candy passed around during the holidays. Plus I love coming up with non-edible ideas and since she passed them out yesterday, I know that the parents definitely appreciated it.


I started by picking up a couple packages of these alligator clips from Hobby Lobby (and of course used my 40% coupons). I like these clips because they stay put, even in Brynlee’s super fine hair.


Using my Sizzix Big Shot and the standard heart shaped die it came with, I cut out a bunch of hearts from this fabric that I picked up at Joann’s.


Then I simply applied hot glue to the clip and lightly pressed the hearts to adhere them.


And here is what they look like from the back.


To make it easy, quick and of course, super cute, I went ahead and created this in the Rhonna Designs app on my phone. I made it 4″x 6″ then sent it off to Sam’s Club for printing.


I used an X-Acto to cut two lines for the clips.


And they were ready to go!

Clips- $3.60, Fabric- $3.75, Printing- $2.50= $9.85 for 15 Valentine’s, plus I have plenty of fabric left over for another project.

Happy Crafting!!!


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