My Baby is School Bound!

First, can I just tell you how thankful I am for other moms who have gone through all of this before and are willing to bestow upon me some words of wisdom throughout this crazy adventure that is motherhood.

Up until a month ago, I had NO idea what an experience finding a preschool and registering Brynlee would be, but had it not been for a few wonderful mama’s I see every week at Brynlee’s dance class, I surely would have missed it all together. In my first/only child ignorance, I didn’t think I would need to start worrying about preschool until closer to the fall. I mean, Brynlee isn’t even 3 yet. Oh, how wrong I was, here at least, registration for preschool happens in early February and it is no joke!


Behold, the “golden” ticket!

Yesterday morning the world’s best husband/daddy woke up bright and early at 4am to go stand in line at the preschool of our choice and await the passing out of tickets scheduled to start at 8am. It was essentially “Black Friday” for preschool. And would you believe he wasn’t the first person there? Nope, by the time he got there he was 5th in line and by the time they started passing out tickets there were 30 plus people waiting to try to get their children in to this preschool on this 3rd day of registration, the 1st day was for returning children only and the 2nd day was for returning families (if an older child attended the school and now a younger sibling was ready to go) and the spots fill up fast!

Luckily, Landon’s willingness to stand out in the cold for hours was time well spent and we were able to secure a spot for Brynlee in the class of our choice and the best part, two of her friends from dance are going to be in her class too! I am so excited and relieved that we all got in. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t decently stressed about this day. I spent many nights awake worrying about what we would do if we didn’t get her in.

You see, in the last month I had called and toured my fair share of preschools and my heart was set on this one, in my opinion you couldn’t even compare it to the others, it was just that amazing! I couldn’t picture her going anywhere else.


And so, while I still can’t believe my little baby has already turned into a beautiful little girl and it is time to start thinking about preschool (I can’t even think about the fact the kindergarten just right around the corner too. Time, please  slow down!!!), I am just so grateful to have found a truly wonderful place for her to learn, where I know she will thrive.


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