First Day Swing Dress


A few weeks ago I sewed up Brynlee a new dress, the First Day Swing Dress by Dana and it is such a lovely pattern. Last year I also made a couple of First Day Dress in the A-line pattern option and I plan to make a few more of the top options too for Brynlee to wear this summer. They are a quick sew and Dana’s tutorials are super easy to follow.


This dress features a really full skirt.


And has the option for a cute placket which I adorned with pearl flower buttons that I found at Joann’s.


It also has a keyhole opening in back that I just love, I used a matching pearl heart button for the closure. I did make the keyhole 1/2″ longer, the dress is really fitted through the top and with the past dresses I’ve made its been a little difficult to get over Brynlee’s head and shoulders and Brynlee did not like that at all. It’s much easier now, so keep that in mind if you decide to make one. If you are nervous about making apparel because of zippers or buttons this is a perfect pattern to start with and Dana does a wonderful job of explaining exactly what to do, plus the tutorial includes a plethora of color pictures so you can also see what she is doing.


I got the chambray and floral from Joann’s as well.


It is so rewarding to make Brynlee’s clothes and I especially love it when she likes what I make her. She kept calling this a princess dress because of the full skirt.


Plus the small size make them quick to sew and decently inexpensive since you don’t need all that much fabric.


I should also mention that I made the partially lined version of this dress.


I made the fully lined version last year for Brynlee’s Easter dress, but since I chose cotton for the skirt of this dress, I decided to partially line it so it would still be light weight and I am so glad I did.


This dress will be perfect for Brynlee to wear all summer long.



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