DIY Shamrock Garland


Okay friends, this is just about the easiest garland you will ever make. From start to hung up it took about 10 minutes and I even paused periodically to take pictures. And yes, I know it is still February. but March is quickly approaching, so I thought I’d post this today in case you wanted to make it this weekend in preparation for March 1st.


I started with a package of foam shamrocks that I got at Joann’s at the end of last season for 75% off, but I was at Joann’s the other day and saw they had the same pack again this year, so grab your coupon and run over there so you can make this super cute garland.


They are 4 different shamrocks in the pack, 2 colors of glitter and 2 plan, I only used the glitter ones for my garland, I’ll have to come up with something else for the plain ones, but you can use any combinations you want.


I alternated colors and paired my shamrocks with some gold twine for hanging, I cut two 12″ pieces, one for each end. See below for how I attached them.

I used 13 shamrocks to hang in a 6 foot space.


Using green thread and a normal straight stitch, start feeding your shamrocks through.


You’ll want to feed one, right after another, without any space between them, just go slowly as you feed your next one through.


The joint should look like this.

As you are sewing them, you want to stay in the upper 1/3 of the shamrock, this will keep the majority of their weight on the bottom section and help them to lay flat against your hanging area. If you sew right through the middle, they will want to topple over and your garland will look a little wonky.


On your first and last shamrock you will need to attach your twine. find the middle point of your twine and feed it under your shamrock, go slow and you might need to raise your pressure foot to get it in the right spot. Back stitch over it to secure it firmly in place.


The back will look like this.


And that’t it! You’ve got a festive St. Patrick’s Day garland.


To hang mine, I picked up these clear command strips at the grocery store, I thought they would blend in better than nails and hold better than tape. So far they have been fantastic.


Eventually I will finish my drapes for this room and the ends will be completely hidden.


Now I just need to make something else to go with it so it doesn’t look so lonely along my window.

Happy Crafting!!!


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