Catching Up

You know, I never mean to take a blogging break, but sometimes it just happens and then once it does, it gets harder and harder to get back into the routine/habit of it (#badblogger).

However, this blogging break came for a very, VERY good reason!!!

We have a potty trained toddler!!!!!!!!!!

I plan on writing a post about what we did and what worked for us soon, but Brynlee was a total champ and we couldn’t be more proud of her!

So, aside from dedicating a very large portion of our time to potty training, I wanted to catch you up on what else we’ve been up to.


Fortunately, we picked a great time of the year to be housebound for a week or so. The weather here has been absolutely perfect!!! We took advantage of it and spent a lot of time outside (I’d rather deal with accidents out there than in the house *wink, wink*).


We pulled the water table out of retirement and this little girl couldn’t have been happier.


We even set up the bounce house so she could burn all that extra energy.


It was great practice for her to stop while she was having fun whenever she needed to use the potty.


We’ve also resumed our bike rides. Brynlee loves going for bike rides and asks to go every day, sometimes she even asks to go for a second ride. We are lucky enough to live right near a green belt and the canal, so while we ride she gets to see tons of birds, horses, dogs and even fish jumping sometimes.


And, to keep us from going completely stir crazy, we crafted! And crafted and crafted and crafted! Brynlee is getting really good at using the glue by herself and would happily craft all day if she could. The amount of glue, pom poms, buttons and other craft items we go through is staggering.


And to help me keep my sanity, I’ve spent some good quality time with my sewing machine. I’m working on Brynlee’s Easter basket right now and can’t wait to share what I’ve made. I also have a cute Easter/Spring decoration to share on Friday.


And quite possibly the best of all, Landon and I managed to sneak in a few date nights in the last couple of weeks. Date nights have been few and far between this past year or so and being able to sneak away for a couple of dinner dates and to attend a Suns game was just what we needed. As much as I love spending time with Brynlee, it was wonderful to have some time with just the two of us and not having Brynlee be our main focus. We will definitely need to make a habit out of that.

Lots of family fun, that will hopefully be continuing throughout this lovely weather we’re having. But now back to a better blogging schedule, I have a few fun projects planned and can’t wait to get to them.


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