DIY Fabric Carrot Spring Decor


In my efforts to make more seasonal/holiday decor I came up with a simple, fun carrot decoration that can be used in many different ways.


I started with a few fat quarters, I picked one light, one medium and one darker orange print. My initial plan for these was to make a garland out of them so I wanted the colors to differ enough to make it interesting. I also had some bright green rick rack.


Just like I did in this post, I sandwiched a scrap piece of batting between two layers of orange fabric.


After pinning it in place, I traced a triangle shape using a fabric marker.


I drew a triangle that was 2″ on top and 5″ tall, but you could easily make a triangle in word or Photoshop and print it off too.


With coordinating thread, sew down the two long sides.


But not the top of each carrot.

B7Using pinking shears cut along the tops of your carrots, close to your marked line, but not on top of it.


Now, cut 2 1/2″ strips of rick rack.



Positioning 3 strips of rick rack in the middle of the top of each carrot, pin them in place and sew along the top marked line, closing each of your carrots.


Cut the remaining sides with pinking shears.B12Repeat with remaining fabric colors.

I still need to string together a few to make my garland, I plan to just use twine and thread it through each carrot and I think I will frame one to use a wall decor too. They would be cute in a basket too and Brynlee already loves playing with them. I might have to come up with a few more food type items for her to use in her play kitchen.

Happy Sewing!


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