Easter Egg Fillers

What do you put in your Easter Eggs?

I, personally, am not a fan of filling Easter Eggs with candy for 2 reasons.

1. Brynlee definitely does not need to eat that much candy. Landon and I don’t really eat candy either so much like the Halloween candy does every year, it would just go to waste.

2. We live in AZ, and even this early in the year, it can be hot and candy melts pretty quickly. Nothing is worse than opening your eggs to a gooey chocolaty mess and I’d just rather not deal with it.

But hey, if you like putting candy in yours, that’s great! I just prefer not to and if you are like me and constantly looking for non-candy treats to fill you eggs with, I thought I’d share what I will be putting in Brynlee’s.


1. Stickers- Brynlee loves stickers! We go through thousands of them! I usually get them at the Dollar Store, then will cut the sheets up into a size that will fit in the eggs.

2. Stamps- I found these stamps in the Easter section and Walmart and they are the perfect size to fit in eggs.

3. Chapstick- Brynlee loves putting on chapstick and thanks to her love of Minnie Mouse, I know she will be over the moon for these.

4. I also head down the party favor isle while shopping for egg fillers, there is usually a plethora of smaller toys that fit perfectly inside the eggs and I found some bouncy balls and bracelets.

5. Brynlee is currently loving My Little Pony, so I picked up an Apple Jack figure, that will fit in one of the larger plastic eggs we have, as an extra special treat and I know she will be so excited to find her.

Not pictured, but a few other things that I will put in her eggs are some small jars of Play-Doh. I also got some Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks and I did picked up just a couple of the Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops, so she will have a tiny bit of candy to find.

And lastly, my family has always filled Easter Eggs with money, not a ton, just a few coins in each one and then usually there was a golden egg with a couple of dollars in it. I remember how fun it was to count how much money I’d “made” after we finished our egg hunt! So, to continue my family’s tradition, I will fill a few eggs with some coins, Brynlee has a piggy bank and she loves adding coins to it whenever she gets any. Actually, if we let her, she would spend all day filling it with coins, dumping it out and then refilling it. I’m not sure what she loves so much about it, but it definitely keeps her entertained.

Do you have any other non-edible egg filler ideas? I’d love to hear them!

I hope you all have a very Happy Easter and are able to spend it with your loved ones!


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